Wednesday, March 30, 2011

doming and new kitchen goodies :)

So last post I mentioned learning to dome with my sister. I had to show you the little charm I made with her. It is too cute. Doming makes things go from flat to bowl shaped. (or dome shaped )

The gold one is what I did. I love it I don't know why lol. I recently read the hunger games series. I love it soo much and in them is a book called a mocking jay. It is sort of a symbol of the up rising in the books. My sister found and bought a mocking jay stamp. That is what is on it.

See the little mocking jay. I love this little gold charm soo much.

Also I was looking for something cute for the table. I found these circles at walmart for like 1.50 a piece

I figured that match my kitchen very well.

They are fun and bright and match the wall hangings I made very well. I have also been very busy knitting dishrags and washcloths

lots of dish rag/wash cloths

This is one of my favorite patterns it is fairly simple and very pretty and holds up well

it also looks very cute in solids or stripes.

I like it allot I guess lol.

another great ones for left over bits of yarn is tribble

makes a great scrubby or face pouf love it :) most of these will go for a craft fair my sister and me are going to be in late April but this one

will stay with me it is one of my all time fav patterns. Linoleum dish cloth by the lovely ladies at Mason Dixon knitting. It looks complicated but is easy and isn't fairisle but is easy looks beautiful and very scrubby and durable.

Well I have been having a huge problem deciding what to make to take to this craft fair. I have tons of things I love to make but I am not sure what will go and what won't soo I think dish cloths are a safe but and I am thinking maybe a few other things too we will have to see what I come up with . It is a small craft fair at my nieces school it will last for 5 hours and is only one day so we figure a good way to test the waters. :) I have lots to do before then though. :)

but for this moment I am going to get dressed and me and Fire monster are going to watch dead like me marathon and do some cleaning and baking :) I have lots to do. If anything fabulous happens or gets made I will share but in the mean time any one have bright ideas if you have seen anything on my blog you would love to buy at a craft fair if you happened upon it please let me know we have never done this before lol.

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  1. What about those headbands with the bow? Or the clips you made for the girls? I would think fun hair things might sell well....