Wednesday, March 16, 2011

milk glass and rainbow bright

I haven't been blogging as much lately and it is I suppose because I have been keeping busy and when I am not redecorating and knitting and cleaning and running around I am relaxing and loving the cozy place I have made our little town home into. One thing I love to do when I am relaxing is to watch the Nate Burkis show. I love him. Last week I was wandering through our local thrift shop and I saw some pretty white vases and thought about grabbing them and for some reason didn't. Then yesterday I was catching up on my Nate and he said milk glass is huge right now. Well I threw on my coat and went back to grab them lol. Here is one.

I thought it was pretty and interesting..and I chose this one also

I really do love them and there were others there I am contemplating going back and grabbing :)

this is one more thing I didn't show case well in the guest bath I love..

and here is my current project I have been working on I call them the rainbow bright socks because when you wear them scrunched they look very rainbow bright. I was a huge HUGE rainbow bright fan when I was little.

I mean hello who wouldn't love this. Well I am off to finish my chores and feed the fire monster and then I think I will go visit miss Amanda who is holding down then fort at the lys today. It is a tropical 42 degrees f today and I can't pass up this moment. I am going to wear flats instead of boots and a jacket and vest instead of heavy coat. It is a beautiful day and I can't pass it up :)
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