Wednesday, March 23, 2011

30 and flirty and fabulous

Well It is here I am the big 30 and I am determined to go into 30 with class and enjoy all the great things the flirty 30s have to offer.

I feel like things have been on a up swing and that things are going my way and I am going to enjoy it. :)I have just got to a point in my life where I enjoy who I am and I am comfortable in my body and I love this time in my life for the most part. So I spent the day before my bday baking and cooking and the day of relaxing . I made..

super yummy red velvet cake balls again. (instead of cake) and when I went to knit group brought some of those to share with the lovely ladies :) and I had to show you the beautiful tulips the hubby surprised me with the other day. :)

I normally only do fake because I had no green thumb what so ever.

and he is aware of the fact that Daisys are my fav. but there wasn't any so...

he also knew tulips were a big thing with me and my dad. We planted some when I was a kid together and he would call me every year when they were coming up and say your tulips are blooming :)

My mom still sends me pics:) Well I have lots to catch up on still from slacking yesterday and I am working on some "crazy socks" as Calvin calls them to replace some that are getting too small for him :)

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