Friday, March 11, 2011

i dub myself the dollar store diva

So this week it had really been bugging me that our bathrooms were absolutely empty and boring. They were just depressing. So I spent a few moments looking at ideas online on how other people decorate their bathrooms. We we are renters and there for aren't allowed to paint so that limits things but this morning I set out for the dollar store and this is what I came up with and I will tell you everything you see is something I got at the dollar store or I already had at home. This is the girls bathroom upstairs..
I bought wall stickers and decorated the mirror..
I had a frame set I bought at walmart on clearance after Christmas.. and I filled it with some beautiful fabrics and wrote sayings with a dry erase marker..
I used more wall stickers for the sliding glass doors..
here is a close up of the mirror ignore how stupid I look concentrating lol
I bought cute flowers to match the decor and cut them apart at the base so they would fit in a small vase. and then I put a stamped picture of a cupcake in the silver frame from the dollar store..
I had been looking for a good idea for storing cotton swabs and what not and was wondering walmart the other day and found canning jars I thought I was a cute idea for storage why not right.. (those weren't dollar store they were walmart 12 for 7$ :)
so that is 3$ is stickers 1$ in frames roughly 1.50 in canning jars, and 3$ in flowers
Total for girls bath 8.50$
Now on to me and my hubby's bathroom area it is very small and not much space for counter so and doesn't have a fan so I can only do so much in here.. but this is so far.
I sorted all of our things into different jars then I did the same trick with the flowers and I used another window sticker but this one is a chalk board you can write on:)
so for our bath .50 for sticker 2$ in flowers and a dollar in canning jars.
master bath total 2.50$!!!
Here is the guest bath I did the same thing with left over frames and fabric remnants..
I did a larger frame to write sayings on and this had the same chalkboard sticker and some flower and same silver frame.
I also took a basket and put out some odds and ends since monkey butt likes to do her hair for school in this bathroom..
here is the larger frame..
So that is 1.50$ in stickers 2$ in frames 2$ in flowers and .50 in canning jars
so guest bath total 6.00$!!
I even did a bit for the girl cave..
I did a few whiteboard frames
and the girl cave sign was just 1$ for the frame because it was left over letters :)
The Total for 3 baths and some extras... a whopping 18$ !!
and even had time to finish my chain mail socks!!
Justify Full
these were more tedious on one circular needle but meh they turned out well..
now I realize that the bathrooms aren't totaly finished but I can't make drastic changes (renting remember) and I am well on my way and for 18$ hey can't beat it for sure !!
Well I am off to cook dinner and knit :) Hope your weekend is spectacular.
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  1. Very cute! You are sooo creative, Aimee!

    Love the flowers on the shower doors. :)