Monday, March 21, 2011

birthday weekend day 2 girls night

So after we FINALLY found ice got some water went to sleep. We woke up paid for breakfast in the lobby hit the hot tub quick and went to lunch with the whole family to celebrate (it is my big bros bday in the 17th)
He wore his normal Fancy attire hat and all lol..
then us ladies separated from the herd and went to get manicures and pedicure at shiny nails burnsville which were phenomenal !!! And then went up to the hotel to get dressed up and have a glass of wine before dinner.
Here is my lovely sister in law who looked like a flasher since her dress was shorter then her coat lol
here we are all ready go head out
and here are me and my big sisters
Here is me and my sis/ex neighbor miss. Love her soo much and miss her and her kiddos to pieces. :(
We all went over to old spaghetti factory for dinner which is a sentimental thing for me my grandma used to take us as kids and I also had my first official date with my hubby here. but this time I had the honor of being joined by a few of the knit gurus!!!
this is the lovely Jean Lynn and val. They are the amazing ladies who taught me everything I know and have seen me through trials and tribulations. :)
we are and talked and share and mingled it was great.
I changed just before we left to my citron and strapless dress. We stayed for hours then went back to the hotel at which time there was a incident in which a elderly woman's adult movie was ordered and imidiatly the brave Miss called down to fix it but I still had to make them take it off my bill in the morning (I swear I meant to hit menu YIKES) and although I said no gifts I was given a few I had to share
my sis made me this great hand stamped bracelet and viking weaved it her self. (she is amazing people here's her etsy if you want your own I LOVE mine )
Mrs Val gave me a sock book that I will make good use of and Mrs Lynn gave me sock yarn I can't wait to try
Miss gave me a wine glass I have put to use soo much already lol
Mrs jean gave me stunning cute and class gold earrings I am in love with
and Mrs Lynn also added to my milk glass collection and some great vintage needles. Then my hubby went to get some meds and brought me home tulips! My heart and life are soo full right now I can't imagine it being better. I am amazed at how lucky I am to have such great people in my life!! My cup over flowith (and not just my wine glass)
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