Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Monkey butts camera

So for Christmas Monkey butt got a Vtech camera from my sis and the battery died when we moved in and I decided to be nice and charge it. So I plugged it and and the thing popped up to show me her pics lol. I had to laugh these are what I found.

this one is very Innocent and straight forward the two buddies hangin out.. from here it got strange lol
My nephew cal

Her self portrait lol

Fire monster showing her true colors lol

Christmas day lol

our beloved kitty naughty

my sis lol

as Fire monster calls him the "brown uncle"

making use of frames lol


poor sad andy my sis's dog

my nephew lane showing his true colors

and my other sis lol
So there you have it her photos show more incite into the strange world of my family very well lol. I had to share my little find lol

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  1. Too funny!

    Looks like lots of fun features on that camera. :)