Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Well I finished knitting splash. Then I decided I wanted to add to it so I ripped out the bind off and added some more rows and 3 one row button holes. and keep in mind these are pre blocking but I had to show it off so far.
as you can see the arm holes are going to need some serious blocking attention
I do love the color it has more red to it then shows through in the photos.
and the zebra buttons I got at Purple Iris yarn shop were too fun. Well I have some stuff to get done tonight is my new knit group which we do dinner potluck style and this week was dips and I was going to do fondue but then I thought maybe we need something sweet to go with all the dips so I whipped up pioneer woman's Inys Prune Cake .
It is soo good and has a Carmel frosting you pour over I call it Carmel cake so the whole prune thing doesn't put people off. It is soo yumo then I am bringing chai and cocoa and butter shots for a little cozy cocktail. :) Well I am going to chill out for half hour and catch up on reading my fav blogs before monkey butt gets home. :)
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