Friday, March 18, 2011

short hair

So I might have told you guys how much I loved the movie Bezus and Ramona (or Jesus and Ramona as fire monster calls it lol) but one reason was because I loved aunt B's hair soo much. It is Gennifer Goodwin whose is just so cute She is from movies like how to win a date with Todd Hamilton or he's just not that into you and walk the line. She is always cute as a button (well maybe not quiet in walk the line but that is ok lol)

She really knows how to rock the short hair

I am soo going back chocolate brown I can't not after seeing her hair lol
although I am not quiet ready to jump back as short as her current ..

it is still cute as can be but too much work for me at the moment. (short hair is WAY more work when you have cowlicks like me in the back)

but for now cute layered cut and chocolate hair here I come. I am going to have to color it at the hotel tonight (we are going back to the cities for my big 2nd 29th bday ) and I being as luck would have it have strep throat (yes...again) I have been on meds over 24 hours and am not contagious but feel awful and I got it from monkey butt who will have this her 3rd time!! So we have a appt. with a e.n.t. on the 22nd to see about getting her tonsils out. Well I have to drag myself out of bed to go pack for 4 people and get my house at least in some sort of order before leaving for 2 days :) I will take pics of the bday festivities tonight is me and the hubby tomorrow is me and the sisters and ladies :)

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