Monday, March 7, 2011

what a amazing weekend

I had such a awesome weekend. It seemed like everything was just in my favor. I usually don't have great luck so this was amazing. I felt like everything I did was better then I could have expected. My weekend started friday night by going to the green camel fiber festival with two of my new knit ladies and it was great fun and got to hang out with great ladies.
Then Saturday we dropped off the monkey butt and I needed a hair cut desperately but being we live in a smaller town now the only place open past noon was great clips. Which I have had girl friends who went to hair school with me who were great that have worked there. It is nothing against the salon I think you are always just nervous when getting your hair cut by someone new. I got a great hair cut and I didn't even really have to re cut it when I got home which is rare. I really like it. Then I finished my splash cardi vest thing. It turned out well.
Sorry the pics aren't soo amazing.
Great cardi/vest great hair.
Although today I decided I am going to knit a few more rows and add some buttons and button holes. Then my big sis came to sleep the night before heading back to the national guard a hour away in the morning. I was soo excited to see her it has been almost a month. She was starving when she got here and so we took her out to a Chinese restaurant here in town...which was the most amazing Chinese I have ever had. I loved every bit we had great buttery egg drop soup then we way over ordered we had house chicken, sesame chicken, pina colada chicken and pan fried lo mien and each order came with fried rice and 3 of us split a bubble tea and ang brought home a slice of chocolate cake. It was soo fun and best meal I have ate out maybe ever:) Went to the store to get a bottle of wine and then had middle sister wine lol which both me and ang are middle children so we got sweet and sassy.
We drove to get monkey butt on Sunday and this was the view from my car window..
You couldn't even see the horizon!!! It was insane. Every now and again you would see a tree and it looked all black and winding it was crazy.
great cozy weekend with family and great luck but today was back to reality and this was what I did..
went to the dollar store to get some organizing bins
for the junk drawer (big tip I saw on a tv show was wrap up cords and stuff them in a toilet paper roll and then write what they go to on them. Saves tangles and time looking for which one got to what. )
bib and towel drawer,
lid drawer and
utensil drawer
and for fun I tossed in some fake flowers for a pop of color.
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  1. Sounds like a great weekend!

    Glad you are settling in and finding some knitting buddies. I hear you are now one of the more experienced knitters in the area!