Monday, March 21, 2011

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Okay so this week is my 30th birthday and I wanted to go out and have a good time with my hubby and the ladies to go into my 30s with some fun pampering and class. So here is what went on. First of all I had strep and wasn't feeling great so I had to pack for 4 people for the weekend. I had a hard time with mine and I packed way too much

Then we had to load everyone up and drive 3 hours away. We dropped the girls off with my sis in law and went to our hotel the aloft in Minneapolis. We were greeted given our room keys and a parking pass (which I would find out later I was charged 30$ for and not informed actually 54$ because my sister was on flood duty for the guard the second night and we had to drive separate in case she got called into duty but they didn't tell me about the charge then either and it is only 7$ to park over night in that ramp and they charge you 24$ huge huge rip off they wouldn't refund after I happened to catch the charges on my bill after the fact!!!) anyway we went up to our room

These are our beds (yes we are weirdos who bring our own pillows which I was soo glad because their pillows were the size of a normal small throw pillow!!)

Notice the difference between my regular pillow size and theirs lol. it was a okay room not overly big or cushy or anything.

this was our view of the dome with out its dome (after I requested to change rooms because my first view was a bunch of smoke stacks from a factory not very impressive for me or you guys or anyone else lol)

here is what the bathroom area looks like a small shower and toilet behind the mirror. SO after all that I colored my hair quick...

I needed a shower. I looked like I had strep lol I made my hair the nice chocolate brown , put on some make up and got dressed up

I made my hubby do the same thinking a good dinner would be nice

We left the hotel started walking stopped at a wine bar then decided screw it I want a burger and to relax so we went into the nearest burger joint/bar and grabbed a beer and burger. I told my hubby to call a couple of his boys who met us out and we had a blast. (despite not being able to hear and not feeling top notch lol) It was nice to catch up and just be normal with out kids lol. We then went back to the hotel and wandered each floor looking for the ice machine for about 20 minutes before calling and getting the answer that the only ice machine is one the first floor!!! Geez fancy hotel my butt I never have to pay for parking at a crappy hotel I get a ice machine on my floor and I have never had to pay for cereal or a bagel in the morning like I did at this "upscale" hotel. The only thing upscale was the price I guess. Oh well for future reference go to the Marriott at least you get breakfast! but the hubby night on night one was great regardless.

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