Friday, March 5, 2010


Just another day in paradise..

Well it was a very unproductive day. I didn't get much done at all. I didn't work out until almost 7:00 at night. I am with in my points so far today though. My red haired sister is going to the opera with a Friend from her school tomorrow so she came up to borrow my pretty hanami. while she was here I had her measure me (it has been a month since she did it last. ) I lost 10 inches this last month alone!!! So I decided to pulled some of my clothes out of the storage in the garage that I hadn't fit in forever to try on. I fit quiet a few pairs of pants and lots of the shirts. Thank god is all I have to say because I was getting very sick of my limited wardrobe. Besides that I tried to take a picture of my feather weight cardi. I knit it this summer to wear to a wedding and I wanted a pic in the outfit I intended it to go with but that requires my hubby to help with the pics. He sucks and he hates it and he whines and they never look good. These are the best I could get...

I eventually get really cranky and try to take my own which usually doesn't end well either lol
Just to truly explain what I am working with here this shows how hard it is for me to get a decent pic of my knitting even when I try my self.
This is the best I got which I know what you are saying well you really can't see the sweater well that is because I had to take it on my own and crop it because...

other wise you see my hubby lurking behind me in his boxers!!! Really people lol this is why my knitting pics on ravelry always suck. I am doomed lol

here is fire monster unraveling monkey butts knitting while she is staying the night at her aunties!!! She is destined for a horrible death when her sister gets home

but for now I just thought it was really cute how much she wanted to be like mommy and big sis. well people I am going to knit for a while and hit the hay:) have a good one


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