Thursday, March 18, 2010

A ray of sunshine after some rain on my parade

Have you ever got really upset over something and cried sooo hard and can't stop and don't know why. I don't know if it is a girl thing I don't know if it is just a me thing. I think it was a culmination of things. These are the main things I think were the cause my grandma passed away two days after my birthday what would be 6 years ago but it still sorta gets to me, some comments were said and with my heightened emotional state made me feel like my family saw celebrating with me as a hassle and not worth taking time(which as a mom you really only get one day a year to look forward to people celebrating you am I right), and just some other things that have been said mostly about fire monster and the way she is sorta treated and reacted to and I will be the first to tell you that she is a rough kid, she is my hard one but It still hurts to have family not want anything to do with her and not say nice things about her (even my hubby really gets his feelings hurt by that )and it slowly added up and they exploded with me in tears for the entire evening and afternoon from 3:30 on yesterday. I cried and cried and then cried some more. I didn't get done until about 10:30 my face was raw I cried so hard.

I don't cry very much and maybe I just need a good crying out after being dry for a while but this was ridiculous. I sorta tried to go about my business my hubby to since he finally got a night off only to have his wife crying all over the house. I got up and still felt a really blah today. I am fine mostly about the birthday thing really I don't like to celebrate it and never want a big hoopla but it all got to me some how. I only cried a bit this morning and have been dry ever since but whew it was a rough one.

I moved on with my day and this is what happened then. It was beautiful here in MN. We went to the park for a while and played it was fun to watch the girls with all the kids in the new neighborhood. Since we moved in Nov. no one has really been outside until now so they are finally starting to meet some Friends.

Here is firemonster climbing the rock wall all by her self (she has been practicing all winter by climbing onto the counters this was a piece of cake lol)
Here is monkey butt just hanging around and doing her own thing.

here is me teaching fire monster to swing like a spider as a I used to call it.

Some one brought a bucket and shovel and this is I forgot how much she loved to just fill a bucket with rocks she could do that all day.

Before we left while monkey butt was at school and I was doing laundry I made a batch of these they are called brownie drop cookies. I don't think they were anything to write home about so I am not posting the recipe but it you are interested I will send you a like. :) they are one point though that is nice. Speaking of weight watcher I did work out today I did legs and made up my abs day from yesterday I found this great ten minute Pilates from hulu I have a feeling I may be sore tomorrow. Here is the link (hey you can do anything for ten minutes right??)
I did my legs and did that twice today. I made my hubby do it with me the second time and it was even hard for him :)

And since this is a knitting blog I thought I would actually give you guys what you come here for and show you the progress on juiliana. It is taking forever to get the last part of this done. I still have to do the arms but I think I am just going to do some ss. for the sleeves. Well I am going to work on it I only have 3 repeats left until I bo. (woohoo)
I promise no more bawl baby stuff I don't know why bdays get me soo worked up and emotional.

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