Saturday, March 13, 2010


What a great day for my 100th post
So Mean taylor my niece came over to spend the night. We made a list of things we wanted to do today. We started by making a big batch of pioneer woman's cinnamon rolls. We made them out of whole wheat flour and they are 5 points a piece and delish. Here is the girls working on rolling out the dough.

Here is what it looks like when I begin to roll up the buttery sugary gooey mess.
(take note of the big wave of goo you can see where I am rolling it) And here is the finished product. The best part is the frosting it has coffee and maple in it yummm!! She says you pour it on when it is warm so it seeps into all the cracks.

Then I taught mean how to knit. She knit a few rows to get the hang of it and then I cast on for a hat for her. She would knit a row then I would knit the next row and fix any out of place stitches and she would knit the next row until we decreased I would do a decrease row and she would do the knit rows in between. She finished her first hat in one night !!!

I have never been so proud look at these two girls knitting away like there is no tomorrow!!!

And here is the finished product of Means work. She did great!! She is 11 and knit a hat in one night!!! Her first project ever!!!

As for the past few days. I have bad news I had 22 points for lunch yesterday!!! It just sorta happened. I was going through the drive through at Wendy's with my sister yesterday and I had all intentions of ordering a kids meal I had my points all researched and everything and then was the weirdest thing a bacon and blue burger fell right into my mouth and if I didn't swallow it I would choke!!! What was I to do??? I also had a small fries and diet soda. I got home looked up the points and about had a heart attack as I am pretty sure my blood had turned to sludge from the 60 grams of fat I consumed ( and no that is not a joke 60!!!) So while my sister was out and I was waiting on Ben I hit the treadmill.
Me and the hubby also had a date yesterday. We went out to bd Mongolian grill. I did soo much better there. If you do the correct portion of meat and fill the rest up with veggies and I did kung poa and a bit of garlic it isn't that bad at all I think around 5 point for a whopping plate of delish food plus it is more of a experience then just plopping down to eat. Well lets cross our fingers that I make my weight loss goal for next weekend.
I also got another little surprise to go in with my drawing stuff. If you like to knit in bed or in the car or anywhere it may get dark you need one of these for sure!! So don't forget to post a comment and get entered into the drawing there is 6 days left !! :) . I am going to get these two knitting fools to bed and help the hubby get his work stuff ready since he will get home and minute and have to be in at 6:00 am and lose a hour sleep due to time change (poor guy)
Well have a good day

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