Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Sunday Sunday..

So today was family dinner and I am super stuffed to the gills. I just got home form family dinner. We had burgers with blue cheese on them yum yum. I love it. It was sorta my birthday dinner with the family. I made the Guinness chocolate cake again since I love it soo much. I am happy I have soo much.

My sister gave me my present the pioneer woman cook book. I love it soo much and am soo excited because I heard that black heels to tractor wheels is going to be made into a movie and Ree may be played by Reece Witherspoon which would be perfect. I love her soo much and am soo excited for it. If you haven't read the story of her and how she fell in love with her Marlboro man you need to. :)
Isn't she cute :) Every one needs this she really makes every thing fool proof and I love every recipe I have made of hers speaking of which tomorrow I will post my recipe for my blue berry ww coffee cake.
Here is my project that I am working It is starsky jr. I am making it to celebrate monkey butts first year of big girl school. I have been wanting to start one for a while.

Speaking of which I am going to go snuggle her and watch some tv since she has spring break we have been letting her stay up a bit later as a treat. Last night we watched meet me in st Louis and short circuit tonight we are watching undercover boss. :) I hope every one is having a great weekend.

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