Thursday, March 4, 2010

one proud mama..

It must be in her blood...
So today was the day. We have practiced a bit but I just didn't think that she was quiet there. Today we locked ourselves in my room just me her and a movie for knitting lessons and she took off. She knit like a pro with hardly any help. I would check her work at the end of each row and it was pretty stinking good. There was the occasional stitch she wrapped twice and maybe a couple dropped stitches and she did lots of rows. I was soo proud. Such a big girl.

(ignore the icky table tile lol)
not bad for a 6 year olds first project eh?
So my kitty (naughty) likes to hang out in my laundry room it is warm and quiet. So I made him a few little nest areas (cubbies with blankets) to try to keep him off the laundry that I neglect to fold. He loves it and it works pretty stinking well. Except for today he went to climb into my napkin basket!! It is way to small for him. He couldn't lay down or curl up small enough to fit but do you think that deterred him

This is a classic picture of naughty and evil mae ( a nick name the family calls fire monster) I am not sure what she is doing probably coloring. But he climbed up there and buddied up to her. They are clearly up to no good.

I spend the afternoon cleaning our cars (yes even the red dragon got a good dose of armorall) So Then I cooked and cleaned up after cooking. I then locked my self up and spent most of the time watching the monkey butt in awe. I am didn't get as far as I should have on my Juliana I am past the first sleeve by about 7 inches or so. It is going good so far. I will show some pics of that tomorrow.

Other then that life has been pretty relaxed and easy going around here with the hubby home. No new recipes to show and nothing too crazy going on. I worked out every day this week so far and I have been with in points. Yesterday had like 3 left at the end of the day. I am going to keep after it and try to make my goal for the b-day. Speaking of which don't for get to comment and get added to the drawing for my birthday :) I am figuring out some really great prizes :)

Well I am going to eat a snack and hang out with the hubby. Hope you guys are having a great day. :)

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  1. Your daughter's knitting looks a lot better than some of my friends at school I've tried to teach. : ) Good work!