Saturday, March 6, 2010

taking a break from my lace..

My little Saturday projects
So last night I was just burned out on lace and wanted some quick instant gratification. I had seen this washcloth on the Mason Dixon blog. I thought it was adorable so I cast on. It looks fair isle but really it is just a slip stitch and pretty darn simple. I really enjoyed it (although the hubby didn't enjoy me knitting it until 3 a.m. but that is a fish of a different color) So I knit away. Here it is I need to get some more cute colors and make some for the sis's and I am thinking that if I made them really big they would make some very cute place mats for the bane of my existence the white tile top table that is always being spilt on

Then my sister called this morning and told me acky Jackie had come to visit. A girl friend of hers. Jackie loves owls and has been after me for years to knit her a condom critter owl. So I figured I would bust one out today and bring it to family dinner tomorrow.

Here are the supplies I used: my hand spun orange/red yarn some yellow sugar and cream and size 15 needles as well as size 4 dbp for the icord legs and the book naughty needles. I literally got this guy knit up in the time it took me and fire monster to watch mama mia. :)

The owl has a little pocket on the front to hold things (condom is what the patterns says) and it says it has a hidden pocket inside to hold lubricant. well I thought that with the hand spun being some what sheddy that is just gross so I grabbed some cute red material and hand sewed a little pocket quick and sewed it in side. They legs are actually draw stings for the pocket. :)

here is the end product. He still needs a beak but I didn't want to run to the store for felt so here it is. My sister can throw some felt on their when I give it to her. I think he turned out pretty adorable in a goofy way. I also stuck a naughty little treat for Jackie in the front pocket ;)
So there you have it a condom critter.

I am with in my points for the day. I weighed in this morning I lost my goal of tw0 pounds for the week which means 4 more until my goal for my birthday. Let me tell you how nice it was to get up and have sooo much clothes to choose from to wear today it felt soo good:) This was lunch today (since hubby works Saturday nights this was the big meal for the day) I made baked chicken parm 6 points 7 with bun. I always clean my chicken by throwing it in some salted water and get all the chicken goo off. I then dried them. I then place them in a grocery bag and pound them with my rolling pin until a even thickness. I dip them in Italian seasoned breadcrumbs and baked 20 minutes a 450 then flip bake 5 more spoon a bit of classico spaghetti sauce and a hand full of mozzarella cheese and bake 5 more minutes. My hubby had it over left over spaghetti but I had it on a one point bun to save my points and it was great let me tell you mmmmm.
Well the hubby works until late tonight and works a morning shift tomorrow and monkey butt is at her dads so it is just me and the fire monster for almost 24 hours. Pretty darn scary let me tell you . We watched mama mia (her choice) and painted out nails, just finished dinner, and now she has about hour and half til bed time. Then I get some relax me time. (hopefully) Well I think it is time to get some house cleaning done quick then it is some curled up knitting me time :)

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