Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Well what a day lol..

Oh lord what a day...

Well I got up this morning and barely got breakfast in me before I had to cut the fire monsters hair (way over do her bangs have been in her eyes for a while and she looks like a orphan when it gets to long) Oh and for those of you who don't know me in person I am a trained cosmetologist it is one of my many talents don't cut your own kids hair. We then rushed to story time at our library. It was great this week fire monster actually participated. She was dancing and doing hand movements and she didn't start a naughty baby revolt like some weeks.

Here is her cut which let me tell you don't let that cute mug fool you she is naughty as all get out lol. Right after story time we got the call that my hubby will start back to his full time job earlier then we thought (they had moved the start date out due to weather now they moved it back up) So he will start on Monday!! What that means is great for money bad for missing him and having the extra hands. No more being spoiled with sleeping in a few extra minutes or a extra chore to pass off. Oh well money is a good thing right. :)

I have given up on my zombie valentine for now and I am reading this now (or going to start to anyway lol)

Here is the long over due photo of my progress on my Juliana which is coming along well. i love It is working out well but I am not getting as much time as I should on it though. I had a play date for monkey butt this afternoon and as her friend was leaving my house my nephew (Calvin) came over. His mom is shopping for a new car and she drove up 45 minutes to drop him off then drove another 45 minutes to the white bear lake dealership only to find the car wasn't there and they wouldn't even look at her trade in to see what she might get for it or pretty much look into anything to get the ball rolling So if she is interested still she will have to drive another 2 hours each way with her autistic son again tomorrow!!!(now wonder the car industry is in trouble)

So while my sister was going through that mess I cooked a big pot of baked potato soup which was a delicious treat very comforting on a hectic rainy chilly day. It was 3 ww points. It was great. That is Parmesan sprinkled on the top (one of my favorite things in the whole world)

My sister brought back my hanami and she brought my birthday present a ipod case I picked it and she bought it. I picked the colors and the cover it was cute. It was great. This is the back.

This is the front. I picked Brown and a raspberry color and a teal tree for the button cover. I love it. It is a rubbery material. It was only around 15 buck too for the whole thing I believe. The company I believe is called ifrog.

Just in case anyone is interested it is linked. The site is a great one you can mess with it and pick how everything will look together too. Sooo yeah. I have tons of chores and a trashed house from having extra kids all day as well as my mess makers. So I had better get a move on.

I do get the next couple of days with my hubby off so I don't want to waist too much of it with chores. I will be checking in though. Have a good night guys.

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  1. WoW! New look to your blog - love it! And fire monster looks so sweet and innocent. :)