Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Birthday Drawing

We are doing a drawing here people...

So I was thinking tonight how excited I am for my birthday this year and how great things have been going lately. I mean things aren't perfect but I am warm happy and not hungry what else can you ask for. I also know my two sisters who rock sooo much got (or are getting me great presents) which I am not a big fan of birthdays so I wasn't thinking about it but the fact that they were made me happy. So... back to the point I want so share some things that make me happy with you people and I know there are people reading this even if you don't comment!!!

So what I am going to do is do a drawing on my birthday and send out a basket of goodies to the winner. It will be a bunch of my favorite things :) I can't say just what yet but you can be sure there will be yarn...maybe some movies...books...chocolate....I don't know who knows I could get a bit crazy... but anyway lots of good goodies and things that put a smile on my face. So to enter you have to comment on this blog (any posting between now and my bday will be entered). and If the mood should strike me I will do a few mini drawings... well with all love people I am going to bed start entering :)

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