Friday, April 1, 2011

How I organise my yarn and knitting things

So I was reading today on Erins blog she challenged us to show how we organise our yarn. Well before the move I had yarn stashed almost every where in baskets all over the house, in the coffee table, under my bed...everywhere. But now I have a system in my craft room or as we call it "the girl cave". So here is my yarn organising system.

This is the shelf where I keep it mostly now..

I keep it sorted in these cubbies mostly and I prefer to keep most anything that has been opened in separate baggies or my stuff I use for my etsy is all kept in separate baggies to keep it organised and keep more dust and dander off it.:)
It is also easier for me to keep track of when I need more of a certain color.
but I do it with other open yarn too to keep them from getting all tangled in one big knot. It saves lots of bad words and lots of time untangling. :) And you need bins and baskets lots of them
this makes it easier too and makes the stash look neater and smaller (so you look less like a crazy yarn hoarder and more like a organised knitter who isn't blowing big $ on yarn ;)
I also try to keep them sorted by type. Like these are my textured yarns I basically never touch.
and some times odds and ends get displayed in a pretty way :)
This bar with cubbies is from ikea and it is sooo cute and useful. It has sewing thing, Nail things (nothing worse then knitting with a nail snagging your yarn) paper things and cords (ipod and what not) and has hooks I use allot too. If you look in the right hand bottom corner you can see my green namaste circular needle file. (love it!)
in the window I have some little containers I got from the dollar store that store beads. and I I have all the containers from cocoas and chais and other drink powders that I recovered with cute scrapbook paper that now hold flowers, markers, pencils, my beloved glue gun, and ribbons.
I have a few more on the desk/ sewing table

in these I keep my straight needles, pens, and a canning jar with my crochet hooks. I also keep my yarn scale out on my table and my ball winder hooked on the corner. I also keep all my projects that I am working on in separate draw sting bags and I keep the patterns and those in one bag/ basket type thing with handles so that I can grab it and bring it up stairs and down them or in the car to knit group where ever I might need them or if I just need one I can grab that draw string bag out and throw it in my purse.:) well I hope this little glimpse into my anal little life gave you some cute ideas and inspiration. I have more goodies to share later but for now I should priorities straight and get showered and dressed lol.

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