Thursday, April 7, 2011

and the results are in... week 1

So I made my first grocery "extreme coupon" trips today. I wouldn't say extreme so much as taking it serious. I am trying but I only have this weeks coupons to work with. It can only get better but I went to 3 stores in the local area to check the prices and supplies and one I will be skipping unless they have a HUGE sale. I did lots of online research and I was thrilled to find that hy-vee posts their best coupon deals under the tab helpful ideas. It tells what it will be in the end and has links to the coupons! anyway down to the knitty gritty. I spent $110.14 total and I saved just with coupons excluding the sale pricing ..$47.14.

I came home with:

5 pizzas,3 similac, a best spread, 3 boxes of cheerios, a large Colgate prohealth mouth wash, Colgate 3d white toothpaste, wisps, milk, stick on tabs and sheet protectors for my binder, 2 philly cream cheeses, veggie steam bag, 3 pringles, 5 cans hunts diced tomatoes, 1 loaf of bakery bread, 4 chocolate covered peeps, 2 Pillsbury crescents, 5 ww smart ones, 8 boxes jolly time popcorn, 4 snack packs, 2 cans almonds, 4 boxes rozoni smart taste pastas, 4 boxes sunbelt granola bars, 2- packs charman ultra, 2 pounds ground beef, 4 pounds boneless skinless chicken breasts, 2 boxes suddenly salade, silly putty, romaine lettuce, bag of potatoes, 2 bell pepers, strawberries, and two cantaloupes!!!

So my trunk was stuffed for 100$ saving me 50 from what I normally spend but I didn't have a menu planned out as exactly as I usually do but I certainly have enough stuff for my meals for the next two weeks. :) I am exhausted after all of that and looking forward to setting the binder aside for a few days ...until the next round of coupons comes out at least. but take a look.

isn't' she pretty. I have everything all set up and good to go. The dividers are in everything is tabbed and numbered and good to go. I am going to curl up and watch some deadliest catch and seeing as it is the episode where Phil is passing away as I type this I will probably cry and cry and sob like a baby until I slip into a coma like sleep. No matter how many times I watch the episode where the fleet finds out it rips my heart out every single time.

How can you not love Phil Harris. I can't stand to see these tough fisherman cry. Oh lord here comes the tears. Well I am off to sob like a baby. Good night people.

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