Monday, April 4, 2011

how i wear my convertable top/dress

So this Friday I was invited to got to the college girls next doors girl night. It was a great flash back and I even managed to survive some beer pong intact. I was fine it was nice but was up too late and tired. The next night I feel asleep on the couch at 8:00 so when I woke up to go to bed I was wide awake. I was messing around on line and found this convertible dress. So the next day when I went to the city I got my self some fabric and went to town. My next post will give you tips and the tutorial video I followed but for now lets just look at all the great ways I can wear my fabulous top.

with a bit of a sleeve

cute sorta Marlyn Monroe style

here is pics of the criss cross in the back

here is the high neck style. (not a fan of being choked)

criss crossed in front

one shoulder

strapless (this one is a bit of a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen

with a bit of a cap sleeve and sweet heart neckline

Grecian style

twisted in back

well there you have it people I am off to look fabulous on my new top see ya later :)

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  1. I'm always a big fan of infinity dresses, and I love posts of all the ways you can wear them! You look great!

  2. That is sooo clever and very pretty.
    Looks fab!
    Love Tickety-boo x