Thursday, April 14, 2011

lovely things

So since monkey butt has gotten out of surgery I have been the meat in a little girl sandwich. I have been crammed in between them snuggling. Imagine this with me squished in the middle..

It has been lovely and I have enjoyed every minute but I finally pried my self out with a crowbar and shooed they upstairs so that I can get some me time and even though they have come down every ten minutes to ask if is snack time I am going to relax and get a bit of wind down mom time.

I am enjoying some things I love. Some cocoa in the mug monkey butt bought me for a present. It is my fav. I love it and go for it before any other one , in fact I usually just wash it so I don't' have to use another mug :)

You will notice inside it is a tea spoon. My grandma Evea used to have tea spoons and I have always wanted a collection. I am starting one from thrift shops ;) There is just something more decadent about stirring with a real tea spoon then sticking a baby spoon or some silly thing in there like I usually do. lol

another thing is my book I am going to take some time for it shortly. (and yes it is from my old library and I brought it with me because I wasn't done reading it and when I do I will bring it back... Don't judge me!)

but right now is Nate Burkis time. I am catching up with my buddy Nate and D.V.F. is on there and I spotted this and love love love it..

Try to get the picture from the cruddy pics I took of my TV. That dresser over these has a GREAT wreath above it and the tray with chautchkies and lovely huge bouquet of flowers.

I am sooo recreating this on the cheap and then I will share this lovely thing with you lovely people. well I am going to enjoy myself for the little bit of time I have left it is a very chilly rainy day and perfect for curling up on the couch and that is just what I am doing :)

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