Thursday, April 7, 2011

gearing up for the first coupon trip

Okay to gear up for the first serious coupon trip I had my hubby grab ink and paper this morning and I spent all morning printing and clipping coupons and filing them. I have everything all filed in my binder

I also took time to print the stores coupon policy and put it in my binder.

Then I went through the adds and figured out what are my best deals what is on sale that I have a decent coupon for and how many can I get and how much will the wind up being in the long run. I placed the coupons and lists in envelopes with the store they will be used at on the front of the envelope.

I also printed off the index and dividers from I will get plastic sheets and tabs at my first stop today ;)

aren't they cute. That lady is awesome. Anyway I have about 15 minutes before I will have to take off with the hubby to get this stuff done before I have to go to monkey butts music program at her school :) I will let you know how it goes. Cross your fingers people

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