Friday, April 8, 2011

meal options with my coupon haul/ pillow case dress

So this morning I figured out what ingredients for meals I have after just randomly shopping with coupons. See normally I plan out my menu this way. I have recipe cards in a accordion file and on each I have a the ingredients for each recipe and one some even have the weight watchers points and a rough estimate of the cost of ingredients so I grab what meals I want to make out and then take those to the store with me. I set that system up for my hubby when I was working full time and he was the part time one who had to grocery shop. It works well but back to the extreme coupon shopping I just did. ..

okay so I looked around and saw what I wound up with. I got ingredients for: chicken enchilada soup, chili, spaghetti, fondue, chicken parm, a chicken pasta salad, mac and cheese, goulash, steak and baked potatoes (the steak is left over from alice I won't be partaking) two meals of frozen pizzas, stuffed bell pepper soup, hot dog roll ups and home made pizza!!! I have fourteen meals!! All I need is a few packs of cheese some soda and bread. I am going to hold out though since they aren't urgent and see what Sundays adds hold in store for me. :)

Anyway. I had to clean all morning to catch up after all the crazy business but my house in some what semblance of order again and me and the monster are gonna go play outside I had to show you that we finally busted out some nice spring clothes. Fire monster earned back a dress today (she lost them after dumping everything single thing off her shelves out of her drawers and off the hangers onto the floor 3 days in a row last week ) she got her pillow case dress I sewed her back.

look at her cute little face...

you wouldn't know the evil that lurks underneath the water in those cute little blue eyes. lol well I am off to get some vitamin d ;) see ya later people.

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