Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fabric heat transfer wall art,

The girls fell asleep pretty early last night and since it stormed like crazy here, me and my hubby decided to turn off the TV turn out the lights and watch the storm curled up in peace and quiet on the couch. It was soo nice. We don't get to do that nearly enough. We hung out stayed up late ate junk and when we finally climbed into bed I couldn't fall asleep so I decided to hang out in my girl cave and mess around.

I made some more fabric wall decals with iron on fabric fuse stuff. They turned out cute :)

Then I dug into my drawer which I keep all my gift wrapping stuff (me and my family always reuse gift bags. Doesn't everyone?) So I dug out some left over tissue paper and made a few miniature poofs for my room.

They hang over my knitting chair.

but I was up way to late and left exhausted and blah today. Not to mention a long morning spent digging through coupons. but things like this..

didn't help. This would be how we found fire monster this evening...dipping her hair in the toilet!!! She is something else. Clearly it was straight to the shower. I have got another long day tomorrow lots of tidying to do and my sister in law will be coming because Monkey Butt has tonsil surgery on Tuesday! So I am going to curl up with the hubby watch River Monsters and have a piece of cake (I baked one for the heck of it this weekend which never happens but I am glad I did :)

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