Tuesday, April 19, 2011

sneak peak of craft fair goodies.

So besides helping with the blog for the lys and saving my family $241.00 between as Nate Burkis calls it "found money" by shifting my bills and prioritizing and coupons (168$ in bill shift and $73 in coupons so far) and dealing with Monkey Butts surgery business I have been busy as a bee working on things for the craft fair we entered next week.

Here is a sneak peek at the goodies I have ready so far..

this is most of the haul so far.

I have cupcake hats in all sizes a few head bands.

tons of hand knit 100% cotton wash cloths that will be paired with my gf autumns hand made organic soaps in to die for flavors like chocolate chip mint!!!

more cupcake hats.

tons of flowered clippies.

then I think I will top it off with some of the poofs I put in monkey butts room. They are too great I totally love them. Anyway I need a snack and then back to the grind stone more things to make before the craft fair. :)

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