Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the long surgery day is over and king crab season is here

Well it has come and went. After weeks of fighting with her dad (my ex) about if you can out grow strep or not and if doctors are in some big conspiracy to take tonsils purely to make money. and a few weeks of him threatening and being nasty and screaming and generally making my life hard (which I am guessing aren't over). My baby girl has had her tonsils out. It was a 10 minute procedure but between getting her prepped put under and waking her up and what not we were there from 8 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. But although things went well, she was in soo much pain and so miserable at first. We couldn't get her to drink (which is a must) but she came around, got some stuff in her belly and then they got to give her pain meds and she crashed. (the pic bellow) She fell asleep while holding my hand and rubbing it with her thumb :(

I just had to remind my self just how miserable she had been when she had strep with the belly aches and sore throats and the weekend we spent in the hospital in October and on and on. So we let her get in a quick nap then packed her up in the car to head home. On the short drive home she threw up (it was expected and we had it covered though so its not biggy) and came home to sleep off and on on the couch all afternoon.

Someone was super concerned about her.

They were too cute curled up. But fire monster spent the morning and lots of time with her awesome auntie. They made jello for Monkey butt and played out side until they got sun burnt.

Monkey butt kept sleeping off and on and every time she wakes up she screams "Mama mama!!" ans starts gasping and crying. I haven't left her side all day. She will be sleeping by me in my bed so I can keep pain meds in her and keep her comfortable. (some thing she hasn't done in years) but I have to have her close when she is hurt like this. Gotta keep a eye on my baby.

After Bernie and fire monster went up to bed me and the hubby curled up to watch deadliest catch and see the king crab season start off. I made home made baked Carmel corn with almonds in it.(so good ) It was nice to see the Harris boys out doing their thing and to see all the guys out there looking for the crab :) but I am exhausted after a high stress day and high stress few weeks, so I am going to read until I go cross eyed and crash out. :) Good night people.

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  1. Oh, those decisions are sooo tough! I hope Monkey Butt is up and feeling great very soon, and that this will be the end of the string of illnesses she's had!