Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My journey to becoming a "krazy coupon lady" and tips for you

So I have been doing my research and gathering things I need to get this ball rolling. First off I needed coupons LOTS AND LOTS OF COUPONS. Since I started this on a Tuesday I couldn't get a Sunday paper and I am short and told you I probably won't be in dumpsters but ... I have a hubby taller then me who is ever so cheap. So I sent him off to the town recycle bin and being as it was Tuesday every one had just drove their weekend papers to the community recycle bins and he grabbed me a whole stack right off the top of the pile. :)

So I clipped and sorted (the best way with all the papers is to spread out all the pages and stack the pages that are alike together and then cut them at once but be careful to keep them in line right so you don't ruin them) but then I needed to get some baseball card sheets to organise them in. So I decided to try it out went to walmart with a $5 off coupon for similac. I know what you are thinking fire monster is way to old for that business. It isn't for her and but there is still a good reason behind it. If you buy the premixed jug for $3.84 you make $1.16 !!! That is right I got paid $1.16 to take it.

Here is my receipt to prove it. I bought one set of sheets and will probably need one more in the morning when I start my printing of Internet coupons. :) but for now I got this much done. My coupon binder is off to a good start. I have everything sorted and placed in the little sleeves so I can see what I have I will print the index and dividers from tomorrow. I even have some what of a strategy in mind. Tomorrow I will go get the things that are a good deal that I have coupons for now and grab the great sales like $1.99 per pound chicken breast. but since some of my stores run there sales wed- Tues I will save the coupons that aren't on sale and skip some of the sales that aren't essential and I don't have a coupon for. Then I will see what comes out on Sunday and if there is any keepers :) But I also found out that one of my local stores doubles coupons every day up to .50 a piece :) I also have to print off the coupon policy's for the stores I will be visiting to keep in my binder. So there is how far I have come at this point. Tomorrow before work my hubby is off to pick me up printer ink and yes it is on sale and yes he is taking a similac coupon with him ;) P.s. if anyone needs this bottle of similac or knows someone who does please let me know lol

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  1. You could check to see if there's a food shelf in town - I'm sure they could use the Similac