Friday, April 8, 2011

more dollar store projects (glam flip flops and big flower headband)

Here are a few great dollar store projects that will be cute with the new warm weather. Monkey butt earned a dollar the other day and wanted to go the the dollar store to spend it she picked some flip flops with a zebra bottom :) We took it one step further and glamed them out all you need is some ribbon (can be found for a dollar or less at craft stores if your dollar store doesn't have any) and a set of flowers from the dollar store.

Here is the end product as you see there was just a plain Green plastic and we covered it with ribbon and I put a button in the middle gems would be cuter but this is what I happened to have So when working with ribbon always burn the ends with a lighter so that it doesn't unravel. After that is done you can either wrap it around the flip flop or like we did just run it straight down at the toe I just turned it and kept going. Then I pulled the flower off the stem and snipped the little nub off the back and hot glued it down with a big blob of glue and glued the button in the middle :) ta da fancy little girl flip flops perfect with a sundress. Next project the big flowery headbands that are so popular right now. Get a old head band you aren't crazy about and burn the edge of the ribbon wrap and glue all the way then pick two flowers one big and one smaller and also cut the leaves apart (they are stuck together was one usually) then glue the flowers where you want them and glue the leaves to the inside of the headband to cover the back and make extra decoration..

isn't that cute.

Monkey Butt and fire monster love these.
I have even been known to steal theirs every now and again. ;)

so there you have it two great spring/summer dollar store projects that should cost you $4 or less between the two! Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Adorable!!!! You did a great job on both project!!!!