Thursday, June 23, 2016

4th of July nails

If you guys follow me on Instagram you know that for about a year-and-a-half now I have been obsessed with impressed press on nails. I've been using them pretty much non-stop for a year-and-a-half. They're easy to put on very cute inexpensive and they don't kill your nails! You don't have that nasty feeling when you take off a gel manicure or a set of acrylic nails. For this year I have a couple fun different patriotic sets that I picked up for 4th of July. This is the first it's called the bells and whistles. usually when I apply them I add some nail glue to my nail and then I stick them on top of that. They are preadhesived & between  the two adhesives they stay at least a week.
With the little guy it's hard if not impossible to wait for nails to dry when painted much a less for fun nail art to dry when painted!!these are a great solution to that. They last me a week. They look fabulous & I get compliments all the time. I love all the fun styles.( A few other tips when you're choosing the size to go on your nail go slightly smaller than your typical nail and they will stay on better and look nicer if there's a tiny bit of your nail showing at the sides you won't notice it but if they're slightly larger than Tend to pop off more) Let me know if you give him a shot .good luck!!
Here are just some of music fav. Styles from the last year

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