Tuesday, January 20, 2015

great ways to organize using Dollar Tree products

ok there have been a couple places that we're getting super cluttered and crazy in my house. So what I decided to take a trip to the Dollar Tree and get some bins. I looked at the spaces I wanted to organize kind of figured out what I needed. what shape ,what height with that I had some Dollar Tree bin here that I could use to measure and make sure it fit in the places I wanted to fill.
 the first place I decided to organize was my big deep drawers beside my stove.
here is the horrible before:
 I tucked bins down in there, I put the kids this sippy cup then and the other I use for my smoothie type thing beside it I put my rolling pin and my saran wrap and parchment paper and baggiez. in the back I have my silicone baking mat and chai powder
then came the bottom drawer which I used to hold my microfiber towels and my aprons
I folded the rag and aprons I put two bins stack them neatly and boom done. Beside them are some spices for grilling but we don't really use much this time of year and a drying matts for dishes.
Next I tackled my food cupboard this wasn't a huge concern but I just kind of wanted to optimize space.

here's what I wound up doing I emptied all the boxes for things like granola bars and Ritz crackers (things that are packaged inside packages) and then I have a bin for Maxs snacks and have been for me and my husband (my girls are in a different cupboard and they already have bin)
 I have had these drawers organized for ages with dollar tree bins the one on the left to a charger headphones and batterys and the right one is maxs bibs and Max's washcloths.  
 The next door is full of lids: jar lids, cup lids, Airwick things and it has baby proofing stuff and chip clips
 no this was one of the worst job I had to tackle Max's dresser.  those little clothes are so hard to keep organized
 I put a bin in each side cuz there's of wooden partition in the middle there and I put the left at six to nine then there swin diapers the right is 12 month and 18 month and on the far right is pajama
I did the same exact thing with his pants drawer.   we did the girls this closet but that was mostly just taking out summer stuff and putting it in space bags underneath their bed.  so there wasn't anything super interesting to share there. I also just kind of went around the kitchen declutter reorganize. I put away as many things as I could so that the only thing on my kitchen counter are my microwave and my humidifierthe. The other side of course have to have my utensils and then the coffee maker and my sweetner and what not (nonobody messes with the coffee lol)  I hope this heled inspire you to organize some of your cluttered areas.

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