Monday, January 26, 2015

planner give away

I have always loved pen and paper. I have always loved planners and writing letters and reading Real books. something about that tactile experience is always spoken to me and calmed me. if you follow me on Instagram it's no surprise that I have been a huge fan of my planner for quite a while now. I love decorating it using it to keep track of work and things with the children and household things .  So I thought I would share my love with you guys! I have been gathering and ordering and sorting things out for a while now to put together 2 packages for a giveaway
here they are:
 Here is planner 1 set. it comes with a smaller planner that will fit easily in your purse it it's bright and colorful and have plenty of space to write also.
 just a closer look up what I'm giving with this one set. There's a gold and mint  pen, two mechanical pencils One Navy and gold stripe and one gold and white ,there's a set of washi tape ,and then four sheets of washi paper (it has different width of stripes and different Circles Pre-punched out.)
 here is a look at the weekly/ daily view in this planner
 Here is a look at the month on two pages.
 I also punched these to fit in the front. they are translucent sticky tabs with dogs and cats. (I have these ones and they are definitely some of my favorite)

 Here is a look at planner set 2 .

 you get to mechanical pencils 1 mint and gold polka dots 1 gold squares and coral you also get a gold and mint polka dotted pen,and two rolls of washi.

 You also get this whole book of Rilakkuma sticky notes/tabs.

I punched and  inserted a project life card into the insidecover so that you could add a dashboard with your sticky notes.
 Thisis the daily and weekly View. 

 This is the month on two pages.  I also added a project life journaling card in feb. It's has beautiful grey details on the page
didn't going to be run by Rafflecopter I'm putting the link right here you can be entered by commenting on this blog post for 3entries, Liking my facebook page is five entries, and visiting my facebook page is one entry. I will be drawing in 7 days