Thursday, May 23, 2013

25w 1d update

Hey guys time for my weekly update.  Today I am 25weeks and 1 day.  I am definitely feeling it.  I am slowing down allot, more tired, and getting more clumsy, as well as more aches and pains.  I have this week and next week left until the 3rd trimester and I can tell.  It was like out of no where the symptoms popped up in the last week.   I have to be careful because I am very off center and took a fall in fire monsters room (mostly because it was a pig stye and we were fighting over cleaning it lol) but I didn't hit the belly so I was fine just hurt my leg and pulled some muscles. I have had to grab the hand rail on the stairs a few times when I had my hands full and I started tipping to far one way!  I have been sleeping poorly and having tons of crazy pregnant dreams last night there was lettuce growing under my toenail lol.  Don't ask me I have no clue!

It hasn't been all bad though.  I have loved feeling the little wiggle worm move more, and I even think he has had the hiccups once.  The girls can get him to kick now. Fire monster has read him books although she has had 0 patients for me having to rest more. We went and registered last weekend.  All in all still better then the last pregnancy.  I don't know who will be taking the picture for next week since monkey butt will be on vacation at her dads!  She has taken all the pics so far lol.  Anyway I am going to beg for a back rub from my sweet hubby :)  have a good one guys

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