Monday, May 13, 2013

23w update

I am super late with posting this update simply because I didn't like my photo so I kept procrastinating and putting off doing the update lol.  Pretty ridiculous I know but what do you do.  I had spent two long days hitting the city wide garage sales and finding some odds and ends I had needed for the baby.  I got tons of things I needed and saves a bundle which is always great right :)  I already posted photos of all the goodies and the progress on the room here.   I am still feeling good t I have noticed I think I have more energy so I start on big tasks and over do it and wind up exhausted and cranky.  I have got busy and forgot to eat a few times and wound up with low blood sugar (ick never a fun feeling) but I am still doing well.  This pregnancy has been much more like my first where things went fairly smooth with some normal no fun pregnancy symptoms but mostly smooth and uneventful where as pregnancy two was spotting the whole way through lots of scary unexpected things and bed rest most of the pregnancy!

 I do have more aches and pains then the first pregnancy but I am on my 3rd now and 10 years older then last time lol.  That is to be expected I suppose.  Well that is mostly it for what went on in the week before I took this pic sorry it took me so long to get this update up lol.  Promise that this week will be on time lol.  I have to get ready to go to cheer monkey butt on at track and field day woohoo.

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