Saturday, May 4, 2013

city wide garage sale baby haul

 This weekend was our city wide garage sale here in town.  Me and my g.f. who is also prego scoured the town for two days seeing what we could pick up for our babies.  I got more then I thought I would be able to come up with.  I had to share all the awesome baby goodies I scored.  I knocked our list of things we need for the little guy in half and only a couple bigger money items left (crib, travel system) 

I found a set of vinyl wall accents.  I have a few so I am still debating between them ;)

 I got a moby wrap which I am excited to use and a minky and satin blanky in perfect condition.
I got a whole laundry basket FULL of cute outfits, but I had to share a few favs.
 Like any good Minnesotan my little max has at least 7 vikings outfits (his daddy is super excited)
 I also scored a Minnesota gophers jersey and a few twins outfits.

This one I thought was soo cute I have another onsie just like this too.
  I got these little shoes with the tag still on (these are the best fire monster wore these allot. they don't fall off)
 I got him one of the little tummy time mats with the toys.
 a awesome bathtub with a little mesh thing to hold him when he is tiny.
 I got a perfect name brand boppi with a cover.
 a bouncy seat in perfect condition with all the little toys.
 a electric swing.
 A diaper champ.  (we used this with fire monster and it worked well)
 I got a changing pad for the changing table with a minky cover.
I spent less then 100$ on all of it (less then 85$) As completely exhausted as I am after two 13 hour days I am soo relived to have all these things checked off my list.  Now I just have a bunch of cleaning up and laundering to do and then finding places for all of it lol.  I am spending today hanging out in my house with the family and going NO where :)  Have a good one guys.

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