Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my cuter the caribous coffee sleeve

This is how it starts I have this gorgeous malabrigo I can't possibly waste any of it. My book of stitches my sister got me many many Christmas's ago. I write it down as I go.
This just so you know is what I should be doing. I have two like this lol.

cuter than caribou coffee sleeve
just to make it very clear the 4 stitches on the outside are always seed stitch and the 9 center are always stockinette stitch for the cable
I used size 6 needles and malabrigo yarn
co 17 st.
rd 1, 3, 5: k,p,k,p, k9,p,k,p,k
rd 2 and all even: k,p,k,p11,k,p,k
rd7:k,p,k,p,slip three stitches to cable needles hold in back, knit three, knit three from cable needle, knit 3, p,k,p,k
rd 9: and every other odd round from this point on will be same as round 1
rd 11: k.p.k.p, k3,slip 3 onto cable needle hold in front ,k3,knit 3 from cable needle, p,k,p,k
and continue on with the 6 rows over and over doing row 1 one on right side in between every cable row. until you have done 60 rows (just to clairify that means rows 6-11 over and over)
at this point you have a choice you can do a version with a button to strap on any mug or coffee cup or a continue bind off and graft together.
Button hole end
rd 61: k,p2tog, p, k3 then perform a one row button hole (if you don't know how to do this on utube there is a great visual tutorial from knitting help)
rd62: p1,k1 across
rd63: k1,p2tog,k1,p1 til last 3 stitches then p2tog,k1
rd64: k1,p1 across
rd 65: k1, p2tog, k1,p1 across til last 3 k2tog,p1
rd 66:p1,k1 across
rd 67: k1, p2tog k1,p1 until last 3 p2tog, k
rd 68 k1, p1 across
rd 69: bo
weave in ends and sew on button and there you have it!!
well my starving children would like to eat and I have to feed them the laundry is done now though and all other chores all I have left to do is eat and work out :)

By the way I weighed in today I haven't weighed what I weigh now since i pretty much got pregnant with fire monster yay me :D


  1. Hi Aimee, thank you so much for your post! I just wanted to clarify, is this knit in the round or straight? Thanks!