Friday, July 26, 2013

diy duvet cover.

Yesterday I had a endocrinologist appt.  which means I got to travel through the land of 10,000 wind farms to Sioux Falls SD.

It is some crazy business just fans every where which is good since it means clean electricity but it is still crazy to look at some times.
 We took off early, had a picnic after, and were going to do some shopping but I started to feel sick.  I did stop and grab fabric for the nursery's duvet cover.  I have a company store crib duvet and I figured I would just make a cover for it.  So we went in and dug through fabrics and here is what we came up with.  Some robins egg blue minky and a fun grey, blue and white animal print.  I bought one yard of each plus the 6'' that was left of the minky.
 Once I got the kids in bed last night I whipped it together. I used the purple duvet cover as a templet.
 I figured I would have just enough with the cotton so I cut the minky to match.
 Here is a up close of the pattern on the cotton.
 I wanted a Velcro closure on the bottom I knew so I hemmed one side of each piece of the fabric for the bottom.  Then I lined up and sewed on the Velcro. 
 I then cut some ribbon to put in each corner.  ( I wanted to be able to tie the duvet cover to the duvet) I pinned those in each corner and sewed a french seam   ( I linked a tutorial on french seams they are easy and finish beautifully.)  I did that around 3 sides of the duvet cover.   I then took the duvet and sewed a ribbon across all the corners to tie the duvet cover to.

 Now it is done.
  I love the way it turned out I like having the decorative side and the snugly fabric for snuggling.  Obviously I am not going to be using this unsupervised with a newborn since they don't recommend any blankets for newborns pretty much.  but I will have it for when he is older or for snuggling and for laying on the floor or what ever when he gets older.  
 We only have one project left and the nursery will be complete.  I can't wait!!  That project will get finished this weekend :)  Hope you guys are having a great day.

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