Monday, December 31, 2012

New years mani monday.

Going out or not I had to do something fun with my nails for new years mani Monday.  I wanted something with a bit of fun sparkle confetti style.  I was laying in bed winding down for the night catching up on my youtube subscriptions for the day and missjenfabulous put out a great little new years nail tutorial with 3 different choices (which I will put at the end for you ).  If you have never seen her she is adorable and does great nail and makeup tutorials. She did a sort of version of this but she used black. 

 I used two coats of wet and wild mega last in disturbia which is a great dark purple and a coat of malani gems in 530. (0ne of my favorite glitters because it has a clear base and big and small multi colored glitter) I hope you guys like it
Here is the lovely missjenfabulous with her new years tutorial

We will be staying home and making a big fun dinner and hanging out with our lovely neighbor Pat.  If you guys are going out have a great time, don't drive, and be careful.  :)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Baby knits

 Okay so if you didn't guess by my last post I am expecting!!  Me and my hubby had been kicking the idea around.  Then I had another ovarian cyst and my dr. said it was probably due to the fact that the hormone in my i.u.d. was less the the amount in my body and needs to be replaced.  Then the talking got serious.  It was now or never because next year my firemonster will be in school all day and if we weren't I was going to get a new i.u.d.We made the decision.  :)  I went in in sept. got my i.u.d. out and we have been trying ever since.  It took a few months for my body to get back on track.  I was very excited to get the good news friday morning.  I am 4 weeks along (not far I know) In the mean time between while we were trying I was knitting baby stuff to keep my head in the game.  I thought this would be a fun post to share some of the cute stuff that I knit up.
These are the Garter Stripe Baby Socks.  They were simple and cute as can be.

 Then I knit up a cute pair of fleegle's seamsless saarje booties 

 I love this pattern have knit it a ton of times and will probably make these more in the future.

Then I knit a pair of stylish baby boots.  These guys are soo cute and I love knitting them.  I knew figured I would probably run low on the tan color so I made them two tone and I love how they came out.

 I decided I loved knitting the pattern so much I knit it again in a grey color. 

Love knitting baby stuff it is instant gratification and there is nothing cuter for sure.  My first doctors appointment is a few weeks away. So far things are good just more tired then usual but it is early yet lol.   Hope you guys enjoy the baby knits. I love them!

Friday, December 28, 2012


Hope you guys are going to have a good 2013 I know we will ;)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Extreme smokey cat eye.

Ever since I bought the Lorac Pro palette, I have been keeping a eye out for fun tutorials that use it, or that I can adapt to it and I put them in a play list on youtube. (I do this with lots of things I own just to get ideas and when I am not feeling creative I can just grab one out and pic a tutorial)  I ran across a great one today and couldn't help my self.  It was for a smokey cat eye.
You use tape out the sides of your eyes to get that very defined look (I have not been good at this in the past but I some how got it to work this time lol)  I have the video tutorial that is by Jaclynhill1 at the end but I wanted to show the look and how I adapted it. Here is the end look.
Here is the upclose look:

Here is a pic of the pro palette so that you can see what there is and who I used it.  The whole top row is matte shades and bottom is shimmer.  For this look I only used the top row.  These are all creamy and very pigmented.
I used white in the very inner corner, cream on the inner half of the lid, black on the outer v and where she used carbon, and I used taupe to blend and in the crease, but I also used a smidgen of sable for that too, and a bit of mauve on the middle of lid to warm it up. 

I love this look but I went out a bit far and next time for a less extreme look I will just be more careful and not take the line so far past my crease. and maybe angle the tape slightly more up from the corner of my eye to the end of my brow. 

 for the rest of my face here the list of what I used: Foundation: maybelline 24 hour stay foundation, Brows:the millani brow pen, Mascara: Physicians formula lash boosting mascara, Eyeliner: L'Oreal gel liner, Concealer/highlight: under my eyes have maybelline lumi concealer in a upside down triangle, Contour: with nyc sunny, blush: nyx pinched. highlight: hard candy tiki, and last of all Lips: revlon lip butter in pink truffle

I hope you guys give this look a try its very flattering on anyone, its easy to do, and just be careful with how far back on the tape you take the shadow and you will be fine :) 

I will be giving this another shot tomorrow we will see how it goes :)  Have a good weekend guys

kmart/shopco haul

 I did get to pick up a few things this week I got a few new wet and wild polishes at shopko.   
I got four colors and I don't have a pic for the first one it is a wet and wild and called Caribbean blue its very mermaid-ish...
bite the bullet.. 
 ebony hates chris..
 and segreena the teenage witch.
Here they are on the nails with 2 thin coats from left to right:bite the bullet, Caribbean blue, sagreena the teenage witch (this one took 3 thin coats), and ebony hates chris.

 I also picked up two maybelline foundations, One 24 hour stay and one fit me.  I got a Physicians formula lash boosting mascara.

I also got my hands on wet and wild lipstick in color 908c which is a dupe for mac rebel. 
 I did a swatch on the inside of my wrist for you guys.  It is kinda a bright magenta color.

here is what it looks like on the lips :)  
Well I need to start making some of these chumps around here pack for the weekend and get a move on.  Have a good day guys

Thursday, December 20, 2012

leaves shawlette fo/ smokey cranberry eye with berry lips/ holiday nails

 So I finally got time to take pics in my leaves shawl.  I made it more of a scarf by making it longer and using two skeins of yarn but all in all I love it. I threw it on today with my teal shirt and some jeans. 

 I was in the mood to pull out my Nessas Naturals and do a smokey cranberry eye I used to do this look allot last year.  I know I used to talk about Nessa's allot  but for those of you who weren't with me last year or have never heard of it.  It is a great line of makeup that is all great ingredients no talc fillers or icky chemicals and the colors are great.  They are affordable too.  She has great skin care products too like my custom face wash that saved my super dry skin last year.  She makes everything by hand herself!  I definitely recommend her stuff.  If you are a mineral make up fan or a make up fan in general or just have sensitive skin you NEED to give her stuff a try.

Here is the pic that inspired it.  I know my pics aren'[t very true to color.  It is much more berry colored in person but I went a bit less smokey then this.

 I used bling in the inner corner (a shimmery gold,) Berry dazzle on the lid (a shimmery berry color) and smoke monster in the outer v.
I have on my Jordana Fabuliner in black and I am trying out my new Physicians Formula organic wear lash boosting mascara today (If you noticed my amazing lashes today, no they aren't fake they are all mine but full review to come), And my Milnai brow pen on my brows.

 I on my face I have on my new maybelline super stay 24 hour make up.  I contoured with nyc sunny and my blush is nyx bourgious pig and hard candy tiki for my highlight. 
 The lips are maybelline blissful berry one is my favorite lipsticks.  I love this look around the holiday.

I also took some time yesterday to repaint my nails for the holidays.  I did I red a good book wet and wild and then a coat of china glaze ruby pumps .  The accents are wet and wild  in green(can't remember the color name) Then I put strips of painters tape and painted i red a good book and ruby pumps over.  For a candy cane-ish effect. 

They didn't turn out as great as I hoped but meh.  I don't want to redo them lol.  Well I have about 1000 things to do.  I have a haul from a few days ago I will try to get up soon and some reviews to do but I am giving every thing a good college try before making my judgements. :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How I make my french press.

 I love coffee. But most times of the year my husband is up soo much earlier then me that I was heating up coffee that had been made hours (like allot of hours) earlier in the microwave.  Even though we have a insulated carafe it was not so great.  So I decided the way to go was to get my self a french press for my one cup of coffee in the morning.   Let me tell you I am soo glad I did!  My coffee is smooth and amazing now.  I shoped around and picked one up for less then 15$ ikea.  

Here is how I make it.  I throw on my tea pot with water to heat up. While that is happening I throw some hot tap water in the glass to heat it.

 When the water is hot but not whistling It is ready. (ps that is a chip in the paint on my teapot that happened during our move )
 I dump the tap water and  throw in about a table spoon and half of grounds (I usually grind it when I buy it in the store grinder to a coarse ground , but sometimes I will grind it at home too)
 I pour in just enough water to cover the grounds and stir it.
 I set a timer for 4 minutes.

  Then I fill my mug I want to use with hot water to measure the amount of water I will need.
 After 30 seconds have passed I add the rest of the water stir it again then put the plunger back on but leave it up.
 My favorite things I have been using in my coffee are my sugar free salted carmel syrup,( I use about half a shot glass) or my salted carmel mocha creamer. 
 When the timer goes off slowly press down the plunger and pour your coffee into your mug. 
It takes less time then brewing a pot of coffee and is soo delicious.  I love it.   If you wanted you could even skip the whole 30 second part, and just throw all the water in stir and wait 4 minutes.  It makes some seriously great coffee. I have used this to steep cider with mulling spices.  Amazing buy at I believe 12$ too.  I hope you guys enjoyed this and get a chance to use a french press sometime.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

make up storage/ drafting table refurb.

About a month ago I helped my gf/ neighbor Pat clean out a storage area she had a bunch of furniture from down sizing.  I wound up with a few pieces.  My media cabinet and this drafting table.  It was sturdy but not pretty and very beat up. 

I painted the base black, the drawer fronts grey, and the top blue, then I did some spray adhesive and the same lace I used on this project.  and then sprayed a light coat of black over so it came out like a grey.  After a little elbow grease and some spray paint it came out to this.. 

Here it is in my craft room/ girl cave.  It sees allot of use.  I love it because it is taller then my old desk so it hurts my back less to work at. ( Excuse the clutter in the girl cave.  Lots of projects and wrapping and other things taking place in here lately.)

If you look on top this is also where I do my make up every day. On the very corner is my ball winder , then  I have little bins on the lazy susan that hold things like lace, crochet hooks, pens. then I have two little containers filled with split peas to hold up my make up brushes, a container of cotton swabs, then there are 3 ikea cubies booked on the wall for scissors rippers things of that sort, and a double sided mirror, and my sewing machine,  Underneith is a basket with batting and things of that nature, then a tote of scrapbook papers. and my garbage, 
 Inside the drawers I keep my everyday makeup or things I use quiet often.  I lined then in shelf paper then filled then with bins from the dollar tree.  I have everyday items in my green basket,  (L'Oreal dream lumi foundation, L'Oreal bb cream, maybeline baby lips, remmil stay matte, maybeline lumi concealer. nyc brow kit, maybelline age diffying concealer, ect. ) clockwise there is blushes, then highlighters bronzers and eye palettes

 On the left side green basket has two foundations I like, my mascaras in between the baskets is my lorac pro palette, and Revlon color stay whipped, then eye liners and my eye lash curler, next is my cream shadows, up top is more eye palettes (bed head and a few smaller wet and wild and my bare minerals truth palette).  and some make up wipes. 

In the corner I have this little guy I bought when I was pregnant with shelby.  It is where I store my non every day makeup and creams.

I have foundations in top drawer ,blushes in 2nd, eye makeups in 3rd, 4th is lip products, 5th is primers, 6ths is more foundations. and the little basket on the bottom is lotions, creams, and masks.
So that is a brief discription of  how I store my make up.  If you want me to go more in depth of my collection and storage just leave me a comment below and I will do that for you.  :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

mani monday

Mani Monday and I am rocking some red holiday nails.  I put my usual orly bonder base coat then two coats of wet and wild mega last in I red a good book.  on my accent nails I did a little china glaze electrify and tapered the glitter a bit, then a quick coat of the best top coat in the world sally hanson insta dry top coat..

This is fun and pretty I love this shade of red.  I will probably redo them right before we leave for our Christmas with my side of the family on Friday :)  I hope everyone is having a good day.

ulta / kmart haul

 I did get to pick up a few things this weekend when I was in the cities and running errands here in town.  I needed some scotch tape to wrap and a outdoor extension cord and so I knew I had racked up some rewards $ on my kmart card.  (If you don't already use their shop your way rewards card you have to! I have gotten 54$ for free by using it.   I only recently figured out how to take advantage of the great deals. You earn money on every purchase you make and you get bonus points for certain items.  They also print little coupons out at the end with your receipt and if you bring them back in when you shop next often you get 5-10 free dollars! So worth it )

Anyway I went in and I knew I wanted to try granier bb cream and I saw they finally got the millani brow pen in taupe.  I have been waiting for ever they only had dark brown So I grabbed on of those. Some nivea lip products for stocking stuffer and all my other purchases I wound up with 36$ in products and after I cashed my reward points and the 5$ in coupons I had (2$ garnier lotion one and a 3$ on two nivea lip products one) I paid .36 cents!!  You can't beat that.  I am trying the garnier bb cream and brow pen today we will see how they hold up and I will give you a review. :)

 I also got to run to ulta when My sister was done graduating but before we went to lunch with her.  I got 4 hand creams for stocking stuffers (me and my sisters stuff each others stockings every year that way we got good stuff :)  I got a beauty blender some powder puffs and I heard they had this great bare minerals set on sale for 15$!!!  It is 74$ worth of products and it is supposed to be 25$.  It had 3 full size shadows, (they are neutral and very pretty)  a full size flawless definition mascara (that totally rocks btw) and a full size lip gloss (that totally rocks too) These are all awesome and a steal at 25$ even .  I also had 5$ off a order of 10$ and a 20% off my entire purchase coupon.  So this all came out to 25$.
Just relised that I missed two products I bought in this trip. I got two nyx blushes,bourgeois pig and pinched.  :)  they are in the drawer in my blush area and I must have spaced pulling them out for the pic

Here are some pics with some of the new product on my garnier bb cream in light/ med, milani brow pen, bare minerals mascara, bare minerals lip gloss in sugared strawberry, I have L'Oreal infallible shadow in iced latte on the lid and the crease is one of my new bare minerals shadows in flaunt.
 I had to pull my hair up with my spin pins because if you look in the corner of the pic a certain tiny little someone was insisting on being held and was trying to eat my hair!  I will let you guys know how these products hold up.  :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Monkey butts big surprise on video!!

This was a super big busy weekend.  It started with my hubby having 4 tumors removed Friday.  They were noncancerous but they will of coarse send them in for testing. From there we went up to minneapolis to go to the holidazzle parade with my family

Its a super fun parade at night where there is Christmas lights on everything.  These light bulbs are some of my favs.
 Here is me and the girls enjoying our selves.  Sometimes this is just miserable and like 30 below out but it was pretty nice friday.
 These little light up things last ages.  We have bought them there in the past and they make it to 4th of july all the little holiday festivals even sometimes back to holidazzle the next year lol.

Then my sister graduated so we got up and went to Mankato to see her ceremony.  Calvin thought it was soo funny to say he was graduating and wear her hat.
 Then came another big thing on our way home ...
  after much begging for months my hubby gave in and decided we could get the girls a kitten for Christmas.  We didn't tell them we just started searching around in the paper and what not and found some 9 week old kittens that had been abandoned by their mother and this lady had bottle fed them and kept then alive.  So we swung by and picked one out!!! 

 This little guy was soo sweet.  He is grey with just a bit of white and has just a tiny bit of white on the tip of his tail.  Also all his whiskers broke off and are growing back so he has just stubby little whiskers.  Fire monster decided that should be his name.  So whiskers it was.

Monkey butt was at her dads so this was all a surprise.  As her and Benji pulled up I put the little guy in a box and let her open it!  I taped it for you guys. ;)

We are all in love and even naughty seems to be coming around
I think the girls keep him on his toes and wear him out lol
My thoughts exactly big guy I am soo off to bed!! Hope you guys are having a great holiday season!