Sunday, March 27, 2011

crazy socks

As a knitter sometimes your knit gifts and hard work aren't appreciated. Well that is not the case with my nephew Calvin and his hand knit socks. He LOVES hand knit socks. He calls them his crazy socks and they are the ones he wears first as soon as they are clean. With having him for the last week I couldn't help but notice that a pair of his crazy socks were getting too small so I made him a deal. I would knit him a new pair if he would give up the pair that was too small and he was okay with that as long as they were going to fire monster :)

So we went through my patterns and picked one he liked and I had enough of the second skein of my happy feet sock yarn to make the big man a pair. I also took the time to make the Cat Bordhi foot print so that I don't have to guess (even though him and monkey butts feet are always pretty close)

The pattern is inlaid pennants. It has sort of triangles going back and forth. They were fast and fun and the big man loved them.

His mom (my big sis/fire monsters orange auntie as she calls her) came to get him and stayed for a few nights and there was lots of cool crafting she brought lots of jewelry and she left some of her stuff for sale at the yarn shop. She recently bought a doming block. and I got to try that I will have to show you mine next post :) Here is my favorite she did :)

It is a double viking weave necklace made out of different shades of pink wire and has this cool domed charm..

it says fight like a girl :) I also got to have my sister and mean down for one night and it was super nice to have them over and spend a bit of time and my brother in law for one night. Today it was just us and that was nice too. It was a pretty quiet day and I think after all the craziness I am going to curl up and hid in my house for a few days and enjoy being back on track and seeing as it is supposed to snow for the next few days I think it will be great. :) well I am off to bed with my hubby I hope you all had a great weekend and had as much fun with your family as I did. :)

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  1. The pair of socks which you have given in this post is so cute. color combo of sea green and may light parrot is looking too much charming. It is seeming that I can make these types of socks. can you tell me step wise step that how can I make these.