Thursday, January 31, 2013

9 week ultra sound

Today was ultrasound day. It was on my mind all night and I was even dreaming about it last night.  I was so ready to have this done with for the day.  There was a two hour late start for the girls today because it is sooo cold.  It is literally -45 degrees with wind chill right now.  So I got them up made them some cinnamon rolls and drove them to school.   Then went straight down the road to the clinic.  

Things look good here is a pic of the little bugger.  It is kinda upside down with the dead down and body up.

It was wiggling and its heart rate was 176 bpm.  There was no sign of the subcorneal hematoma.  So we are doing good.  I am measuring two days different I was last time too.  So it said I was 8w 6d.  Which is more what I figure with my calculations :)  So things are good just waiting to hear from the doc. I might try to squeeze in a nap quick then pic the girls up at the bus stop so they don't have to walk home two blocks in this and get them a after school goody (as my dad would call it).  Have a good day guys.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Anniversary present

Hey guys I had to share what my sister made me for my anniversary when we were at the craft fair this weekend!  I love it.  She took the infinity sign and hung me and hung some hand stamped initials from it.
I have been wearing this bad boy nonstop since she gave it to me :)  Her shop is right here.  These are now on there as well as some of her other awesome things and remember it is all customized to what you want it to say :)  Also like her facebook page and check it out she has lots more designs up there. :)

reviews l'oreal telescopic carbon black/ rimmel scandaleyes, revlon naked foundation

 Okay so It has been a bit but I picked up some new makeup to try.  I am trying 4 different things today, relvon nearly naked foundation, L'Oreal infinite shadow quad in subtle berries, L'Oreal telescopic carbon black intense mascara, and Rimmel scandaleyes mascara.  I am using both one on each eye so I can tell which I like better and whether they flake smudge and what not.  I have on my new berry lip whisper too.
 So here is the look I will break it down further for you.  :) (this is on my natural lashes with them uncurled btw)

This is the telescopic carbon black mascara.  I have heard great things about this and had to try it.  It has more of a comb then a brush for the wand.  Here are the lashes with the L'Oreal mascara. Right off the bat this one does give some great length but I can see it can get clumpy and maybe spider leggy if you aren't careful.

Okay and on the other eye I have Rimmel Scandal eyes in black.  I haven't heard much about this but I had a dollar off coupon that was going to expire so I just sorta guessed and grabbed this one.  I would say it is great it isn't quiet as crunchy as the other but still gives great length and volume.  We will see how they stand up through the day.

Here is the eye shadow quad I grabbed in subtle berries.  It was on clearance for 3.59 and since I had two coupons and they were buy one get one half off I had to try it.  It is exactly what it says very subtle berry colors.  I like it.  I think it would be a great color for a valentines look.

Okay so I wore the look all day.  When I went to take it off the mascaras both took about the same amount of work to get off.  Neither of the mascaras had smudging or flaking.  So end of the day they both gave great volume and length, they were both nice and black, and neither flaked or smudged.  So they both are winners to me.  The rimmel one was 5.99 and I had a 1$ coupon so it was less then 5$ in the end for me,  the L'Oreal one was 9.99 with a 1$ coupon it still wound up costing 8.99.  So I will have to see if one runs out quicker then the other. 
The revlon nearly naked foundation was decent.  It had a dewy finish with out being greasy, decent coverage, and it didn't seem to cling to dry skin which is big for me.  It isn't the best foundation I have ever used but it isn't the worst.  I would say it is up there with my L'Oreal dream lumi but not as good as my maybelline 24 hour.  :)
The L'Oreal shadow didn't really have much color pay off or staying power.  I would skip that.  I am glad it was basically free for me :)  So I guess worth a shot right.

Here is a pic today I am looking smaller then yesterday :)  I was pretty bloated and icky yesterday.  So not looking quiet so big :)
Any way I am finishing up the post at the end of the day and time to snuggle up in bed and get some sleep because tomorrow morning I have my next ultra sound :)  I will post when I get done :) Have a good night guys.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

6th Anniversary

Today is me and my sweet Benjis 6th wedding anniversary.  I am so glad I married this man 6 years ago!! One of the best decisions of my life!

 He is my best friend, the father to my children, and the love of my life.  He makes me laugh.  We have soo much fun together.  He takes care of me and does anything he can for me.  He truly is a selfless amazing person.  I am soo lucky to have him!!  I don't know what I would do with out this man.  Don't get me wrong things haven't always been easy.  It isn't always sunshine and rainbows, we have had rough times and done things we regret like anyone else.  But this man is worth the rough times and more.  I can honestly say I love him more now then I did 6 years ago today when I married him. 

 On top of it all he is the best dad that I know and I couldn't be prouder to be carrying his child!

If anyone deserves another child it is the amazing man in this picture right here.  Happy Anniversary Benji I love you with all my heart.

mani monday!

 Todays mani monday was rough.  I feel like I use the same polishes over and over.  I am getting sick of the darker fall colors.  I am still over red from the holidays, but yet I feel weird busting out my more springy colors seeing as the temp here in MN right now is 32 degrees.

So I tried all kinds of colors and went with this...

 It is wet and wilds through the grape vine and on the accent nails I put a coat of china glaze lux and lush. It is one of the hunger games collection and is from district 1 luxury.  It has these really beautiful opalescent flecks.

It is pretty not light and springy, not dark and fall like, not drab and wintery just a good year round color.
Well I hope you guys are having a great day!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Trip to the endocrinologist

I had a appointment at the endocrinologist today in Sioux Falls S.D.   My hubby took the day off to help me which I am soo glad he did because I have never drove there and It would have been ugly.  As was it went great.  My endocrinologist was amazing.  I literally couldn't have asked for a better experience with a doctor.  Not only was he knowledgeable,  down to earth, and took time to explain things, but he didn't rush in and out like he had much more important things going on and he didn't leave me siting and waiting around either.  I don't think I waited more then 5 minutes the whole time!  The appointment was a hour.  He taught me everything I needed to know and I went on my way with changed meds, some samples, and a much better understanding of my thyroid disease.  I seriously recommend that anyone who who has a thyroid issue (esp. pregnant women) ask to be referred to a specialist this is what they do and they are much more thorough and educated in it

Any who then me and my hubby looked up target because I wanted some of this..

It is supposed to be a good dupe for bioderma which I love and is quickly becoming holy grail for me but I don't love the price a little 2oz bottle cost me 9$ plus shipping!!!  Ingrid/ Missglamorazzi said that this is a good drug store dupe and it is only like 4$ a bottle for a big bottle!  So worth a shot.  I also needed to grab a new bra.  Mine are getting to be too small.  So I only had patience to find one that fit because I was starving. (had to go up 2 cup sizes but still not as big as I was before my breast reduction lol)

While I tried on bra's my hubster looked up close restaurants on his phone and we decided on Fudruckers.
I had a giant 1/2 pd. burger with cheddar and a strawberry milk shake.  Ugh I way should have gone for 1/4 pd if anything maybe just the milk shake lol.  It was sorta nice to get a quick mini date meal with the hubby. He is soo super supportive and amazing.  This week is just rough soo far.  I feel like I have the worst of hangovers ever.  I am nauseous and exhausted 75% of the day.  If I don't eat enough I am nauseous if I eat to much I get nauseous.  I am on my 3rd zofran for the day and feel like it is hardly touching it.  Oh well enough complaining.  Off to lay on the couch and be worthless some more.  Thanks for listening people. :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

8 weeks

So here I am at 8 weeks.  This last week was a bumpy ride.  I had my ultra sound thur everything looked great.  There was a healthy heart beat, and everything was going good.  Then friday I was getting ready to shower, and went to the bathroom, and there was some spotting!  I ran up called my doctor.  It was like a flash back from my pregnancy with Fire Monster.  I spotted with her off and on the whole pregnancy, and between that and a few other issues, I was on bed rest half my pregnancy.  I cried and cried.  It was a scary morning.  The Doctor called and said there was some sort of Hematoma they saw on the ultrasound,  and it might be that reabsorbing or it was from the internal ultrasound the day before.  So I have 2 weeks of pelvic rest and then another ultra sound on next Thursday! But they said not to stess that the ultra sound looked great and everything was perfect besides the something something hematoma (I don't remember what the first word was) 

So there was that to deal with.  I have been having insane crazy dreams every time I fall asleep every single night.  Lets see, there was the one where my husband was ate by a killer whale at sea world, there was the one where I woke up in a hospital and had been in a coma for 9 weeks and had the baby.  Then we went to go home (me, my hubby, the baby, and the cat, because for some reason he was being treated in the hospital too) and we were  being escorted by a police officer I know.  There has been many more on top of that.  I am just sick of waking up exhausted from sleeping. But atleast I got sleep last night I was up from 3:00 until 7:00 this morning throwing up (even after taking a zofran)   It has been a long week and I am definitely ready to be done with trimester #1.

The baby is the size of a raspberry (although unfortunately the size of  my uterus and stomach don't reflect that lol) but I haven't gained any weight which is good.  I have a endocrinologist appointment in Sioux Falls tomorrow and my hubby took the day off to drive with me.  So the girls will get dropped at school then we will drive down go to my appt., grab lunch, and maybe swing to target, and be home before the girls get off the school bus. Well time to get some things done around here.   I will keep you guys up to date on the appointments at they come :)  Thanks for listening ;)

color whisper /bursh guards.

 I had to make a quick walmart run today to grab somethings on the family's list, and run to the bank.  One thing on the list was cotton rounds, which meant I had to go to the makeup section (always dangerous). I have been really good lately about not picking up new things, but right on the other side of the cotton rounds area was the make up brushes where these were located! Emily was talking about these brush guards on her emily awards this year ,and I remembered to look for them and had to grab some of those.  I also was dying to try the new mabelline color whispers.  

First I will talk about the brush guards.  They are brush guards they are about 5$ a pack, but what I figured out is you can cut them in half and burn the edge with a lighter, then just shape it, they are still plenty big for my brushes!    What they do is protect your brushes while you travel and you slide your brushes into them after cleaning and they shape them and make them dry faster!!  Who doesn't need that right.
Here are my brushes that needed cleaning drying right now.  You just slide them into the little guards and make them go a bit past the tip and put them upside down in a glass to dry.

Now on to the color whisper lip stick.  These are supposed to be sorta like the revlon lip butters but creamier.  I had a hard time picking between the berry color and this one but I am soo glad I grabbed this one!!! It is color 80 made-it mauve.  

It is soo soft and creamy and feels amazing on the lips, and very moisturizing just like a balm. The color is a great every day wearable neutral color that is very flattering.  Here is what it looks like on the lips.  This is going to for sure be in the front pocket of my purse for easy grabbing at all times!!!  I have to go back to walmart because the burner pans I bought don't fit  (even though they said they would on the packaging LIARS) so I will probably be grabbing the berry color (just a educated guess ;)
Also had to share my cute mani I gave myself last night.  I used ice internationally known and greycian god by l'Oreal.  I used leighann says tri accent nail tutorial.

Here that is this is one of my favorite things to do and I always get complements. 

well Monkey butt just home and we have to go to the library and walmart and get gas.  (even though its -11 degrees right now literally and I was sick as a dog throwing up all last night!! dang morning sickness can't wait to get through this first trimester!!!)  Just have to keep my eye on the prize (berry color whisper ;) have a good day guys I will try to get a pregnancy pic for the week just haven't felt very cute being soo sick and all. Have a good day guys!

Ps I am adding this in after using the brush guards during that cleaning they are now holy grail my brushes were amazing after using it.  They shaped up perfectly and dried soo fast.  I will never wash with out them again!

Monday, January 21, 2013

mani monday

This is what is on my nails this mani monday.  It is w&ws I need a refresh-mint and ice sexy mama.

I am loving this change from the dark fall and winter colors I have been rocking and I suppose the icy blue color is fitting because here in MN the current feels like temp (that means including the wind chill) is -31.  and it doesn't get much more icy than that!!!  Now I have had people from California and other places ask what 31 below means....that means below 0 degrees.  Yes it is 31 degrees below 0 and you can die from hypothermia or get frost bite pretty easy on these days.  So no outside time for the kiddos.  Well time for me to get my lazy prego butt up and get dressed! :) 

Friday, January 18, 2013


Now some of you may remember that me and the hubby decided to get the girls a kitten for Christmas.  He has become quiet a character and drives us crazy on a daily basis.  Let me share some of the things this tiny little fur ball does to make us crazy!
Meet whiskers
1. He has a unnatural obsession with the toilet.  
He walks around the toilet trying to see what I am doing every time I have to pee.  
When I flush he runs and stands on his two legs to look inside the toilet.
I finally I kicked him out the other day and he meowed and stuck his hand under the door the whole time then when I finally let him in he jumped inside the toilet water and just stood there until I fished him out!!!
2. He thinks 4:00 a.m. Is the perfect time to play every single day.
we wake up every single night at this time to him eating our hair, climbing on our heads, and attacking our feet until we get sick of him and kick him out.
3.He tortures our older cat all day every day.
I think he might have broken poor naughtys will to live.  He is constantly beating on him, surprise attacking him, and beating him up until he leaves his bed then sleeps there.
4. We left last weekend and came home to find he only has one eye brow now? 
we may never know what happened to one of his eyebrows.
5. When I try to nap because he kept me up all night he decides that it is time for me to get up he attacks me.
6.He is always trying to drink out of straws and sippy cups.
(we think this is because he was bottle fed)
7. If you hold him upside down so he is laying on his back he falls asleep.
he can't help it but it works every time
8.  He has way too much fun with the litter box
Naughty perches all four legs on the edge so he doesn't have to touch the litter.  I am pretty sure he thinks whiskers is a idoit becuase whiskers treats it like a ball pit..he digs and rolls around for ever.   Ben says he caught him chasing his tail in there for every the other day knocking litter everywhere! which brings me to...
 9 I don't think he will ever grasp that his tail is part of his body 
He tries to eat it and fights with it daily.
10. He thinks he is spider man!
He climbs everything with his damn claws!  I caught him climb the back on my couch then grab a flower off my side table with his teeth and toss it on the ground to beat it up.  he climbs my bed spread every day.  this is a huge issue and will be dealt with !
but he lets my girls do this

So we have to keep him... even if he treat the toilet like a bird bath, abuses my other cat, and never lets us get a full nights sleep

Thursday, January 17, 2013

ultra sounds :)

 So last week we had a ultra sound we just had a blob.  So we had to reschedule for this week and get another ultra sound. I was nervous but here it is.  The baby grew quiet a bit and things looked good.

 It had a good strong heart beat and in this one you can also see the head to the right and body. 

and thank god there is only one in there even though my belly has totally gotten huge (I haven't gained a single pound though) .  So yay healthy baby it is so far woot woot.

D.I.Y. bella band

So Last pregnancy I bought a bella band.They are a spandex thing that holds your pants up while you wear them unbuttoned and keep your belly from showing under your shirt.  They also help you wear your pants earlier after your baby and cover your tummy while you breast feed.  I loved mine and wore it left and right and drove to st. paul and shelled out 30 some odd dollars at hot mama for one.  I loaned it to a g.f. and it didn't come back yet so this time I got smart.  And made my own for $5.88!!!!  Here is is

All I did was grab a long lace no boundaries cami from walmart for 5.88 in a size smaller then I usually wear. 

 Then I folded it in half and cut the top off.  ( I could have cut a bit more off then this it is super long but I will need that length later on :) its early yet)  You don't even need to seam it.  It won't fray and no one will see it plus I don't think it would be as comfortable.

Here it is..
 Perfecto right???

Well I am out the door to my ultrasound to no doubt get goo all over this so see ya soon. ;)

girls next day no heat headband curls

I told you in yesterdays post that my girls had headbands in to curl their hair over night.  I thought I would show you how they turned out.  Here they are the next morning after being run through and hair sprayed.

They have a few spots that were a big kinked (esp. fire monster) so I just touched up those spots with a curling iron.

 but that was barely anything at all really. :)
 Monkey butts was more tame.  She just really needed it brushed through a bit like the girl in the first video I posted yesterday did.  (remember to form it around your hand that is what keeps it from firizzing)

 Here is the back of hers.

They slept great where as with curlers they complain and have a hard time and are cranky the next day.  The problem with just curling their hair with a curling iron is straight fine hair doesn't hold curl like that well and it falls out...then you have a whole new tantrum on your hands!  Well they are off to school and this mama is off to nap. ;)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No heat vintage curls (headband method

I have been slacking lately.  I haven't been posting much because I just haven't been accomplishing much.  You know how the first trimester goes.  Spending most of the day trying to stay awake and the other trying not to throw up.  If I am lucky I find enough energy to sweep, make the bed, and throw a load of laundry in.  Not super interesting blog material lol.

So I was digging in the recesses of my mind for a juicy tid bit to share with you guys.  Here is what I came up with how to do no heat vintage curls.  I love this method I do it all the time.  Any picture you have seen of me with curly hair for the last 9 months my hair has been curled this way.  The best part all it takes is a head band and 5 minutes.  Here is a picture of the finished product..

If you want more curl in the back have the head band a bit higher or you can touch it up with a curling iron back there.   I find it works well enough for me though with out touching up.  Both of my girl have these in the hair tonight.  It is way easier to sleep on then curlers.  And don't take as long to get in for their little attention spans.

Here are a few video tutorials that I used when I first started to do this method.  
This one is long but she shows the sort of head band I prefer to use and how I wear it when I will be keeping it in for a day . ( I bought a big pack at the dollar tree and they have lasted me ages they are tight enough to stay put and keep the curls well.)

and this one is shorter but I find these headbands don't work as well. I also thing it will be helpful to you guys to see how she touches them up at the end.

Here are some tips after months of doing this.
1. The bigger the sections you do the bigger the curl.  ( I usually take everything in front of the ear until a bit behind it for my first section and stay about that size) If you take too small of sections you will look like you got a bad perm.
2. Don't do it with super wet hair.  Let your hair get almost dry before you toss it up.
3. I bobbi pin it at night time to make sure little hairs aren't slipping out. 
4. if you will be wearing it more then one day , at night I just brush it out give it a quick spray with some water and put it back up and pin it.  
5. if you have a silk pillow case it works best.
6. before I pull up I mix together some styling gel (or mousse currently using mane boost or aveda confixer ) and barely a pump of organix coconut milk serum and smooth through my hair.  It makes it shiny and less likely to friz
7.  I wear it for a day up usually with a cute dress or something it makes a cute little up type do.  Just use a thinner headband that matches your hair color more and push it back into your hairline. (people always complement me when I wear it this way)
Hope you guys enjoy this.  Please let me know if you try it and how it works out.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013