Thursday, February 27, 2014

new house. Max's room/ dining room

We are in the new house and working hard on unpacking.  I have most of the boxes up packed and a few of the rooms are pretty much how I like them.  First off is this guys room..

Let me refresh your memory of before .  Bright blue walls and
wood paneling..

Lots of wood paneling.

I added the grey to off set the blue and here is Max's finished room.
I changed out the 70s globe light fixture for a more modern lamp shade hung back up his wall art (the decopage name, bunting, wall decals and frames)

Here  is a look at the other wall.  I have since found his other green bins, so this is full now.

His crib and what not are all set up this corner looks a bit bare now though but that is only because his puffs haven't been moved over from the old house they will go in the corner there.

Another room I have done is the dinning room.  The one thing that isn't finished is the laminate flooring isn't in yet  But you will get the gist.
The hutch is in the corner.  Before I used it in the living room for the tv and dvds and such.  Now it is in the dining room with dishes.
Here is the wall that the room shares with the living room.
 I have my sofa table here now before it was in my bedroom.

And this shelf was set up roughly like this before. It had the same picture above it and stored roughly the same things.
That is all I have for you thus far.  I have allot more accomplished since I took these pics but fire monster has been home the past two days so between her and max barely got a thing done around here.   Well off to fold a million loads of laundry.  Have a good one.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Progress on house

 Yesterday the new carpet went in down stairs.  It looks very nice.  I am very happy with it. It matches the girls room now which it didn't before.

 Speaking of which here is some pics of their room during the day most of the finished pics I had been taking were during the night because the projects all took so long it was dark by the time I got done...

 I put back up all the outlet faceplate. 

Well we have two days left in our current house and tomorrow the new white six panel doors will be going up as well as the new tub surround.  If I get time I will sneak over and get some pics of the finished product for you guys.  But for now it is time to wash my face and crawl into bed.  I am exhausted today because a certain handsome guy hasn't been sleeping well.  I can't wait to get down stairs and use my cleanse off oil.. ( It is like a mac cleanse off oil I love this stuff and plan on sharing the recipe for my diy cleanse off oil but haven't had time to set up the post but it is on the list for sure) Good night guys.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

max's room preview

This is max's room.  Now Lets keep track the living room is brown..the kitchen is a dirty looking yellow based cream color..bathroom is a khaki..our room was hunter green.. girls room was maroon..down stairs bathroom was dark teal..and max's room is bright blue!! 

Thank god his colors I have been sticking with are bright blue, pear green, and I don't think I will cover up the color.  but more paneling!!
and more paneling!!
Ahh there better. I think..

I did undeniable on the paneling.  I know it seems weird and I am not sure how I feel about it..
But then I picture his stuff in here and I think it will tie it all together. 
So I think it will be good if not I can always redo it but I think I till work.  I hope you guys are having a good day.  :)

Monday, February 17, 2014

girls room

The last painting project I took on was the girls room.  They are going back to sharing a room and they don't even care because it is HUGE like 12feet by 20feet.  The one big problem with the room was..its maroon

Yup straight up maroon!!  Flat moron maroon paint at that!!!  So not kid friendly.  It had to go.
Besides the size a big selling point for this room was the "fort" or crawl space in the closet.  You can see it in the closet in this pic.  It is a lit storage space and the girls are getting a rug for it and some cushions and they are going to have a hang out in there.
Here is the after.  Keep in mind the before pictures were taken midday and these were at night it is still that much brighter!!
We chose prelude for the top color and then good old tea biscuit for the bottom half.  It took 11 hours straight to prime and paint this!!!  If I ever meet the person who lived here before me I am going to punch him in the face!!. 
It really opened it up and it looks bigger and much brighter.
Here is one before and after (ps all the junk ;laying around was stuff the people before left behind!!)
Much better I can't wait to go see it during the day.
I haven't seen it during the day because I had a lazy snuggle day with max james after all that work!!Well I have to get dinner out of the oven :) Have a good one guys.

our bedroom progress.

This weekend I spend so much time painting my hands are sooo sore and my back is killing me but I have tons to share with you guys.  I thought I would start with my bedroom.  Here is a pic of the before.
As you can see this wall has some lovely hunter green and a weird khaki going on..
On the other walls is some great wood paneling...yup more.

Well me and my amazing neighbor/gf sam spend all day saturday working and here is the finished project in there.  We have tea biscuit on the bottom and undeniable on the top.

We chose to leave the paneling on the top so that it ties in with the beams in the vaulted ceiling.
Here is the other wall.
The closets will be getting white doors.
Here is the walls before and after one on top of the other.
So long hunter green.
and good bye wood paneling..
I know I am going to feel much more at home with this look.  I can't wait to get my things in there and make a few other changes ...first up the light fixture lol better scroll back if you missed that bad boy.
see you soon guys.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

progress at new house.

 We have slowed down on the packing since there isn't much else we can do on that front right now and started prepping the other house starting with the family room because it is getting new carpet on Tues and we need to get it painted before then.  Here is the before.  With its off white stained icky walls that were in dire need of a good paint job and its dated wood paneling.
 Day one we only had a few hours so we started by doing a good coat of primer over all of the wood work.

 Then day two we started to paint tea biscuit on the wood work/ lower half of the room.  Monkey butt came that night to help out.

 Day 3 was the day we had the most time about 7 hours.  We got a second coat of tea biscuit on and taped off using this process as to not get any bleeding it work very well and was easy.

 Then we started painting Malibu sand on the top and all the walls that weren't paneling.

We got two coats on the family room and ripped up the tape but we still need to do some on the hall but ran out of paint so that is the start of the project for today day four.
But here is the difference so far
It really warmed up and updated the space I couldn't be more happy.  Now just needs the new carpet which is coming on Tuesday.  I hope you guys are enjoying this progress and it isn't boring you too badly with all the moving tips and renos.  This is my life right now lol.  Next up is my room which will be started today. :)  Have a good day guys.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

New house progress

Sorry been missing a few days but I have been busy with getting the new house and packing. Here is the before and in progress pics as of tonight. I have tea biscuit painted over the paneling.  In the morning I will touch up any where that needs a second coat, then move on to the taupe on the top ans down the hall. Well off to bed. Night

Saturday, February 8, 2014

maybelline baby skin review.

 I thought I would take a break from packing posts and share a review I have been meaning to share for a bit now.  I was soo excited to finally see the maybelline baby skin finally in my store.  So right off the bat I can tell you that it is a dupe for the smash box photo finish primer.  It is a very slippery silicone feeling primer. I am sure most of you have heard but the monistat chaffing relief gel is the same formulation as the smash box primer also. I have that one on hand so I thought I would show you a comparison.
Here is what they  both look like on the back of my hand.

Here is the end product..

I can't even tell the difference if you are going for long wearing any of these might work. But I find they underwhelming they just make my foundation slip around and they don't help with fine lines, pores, or dry patches!  So I will have to say save your money if that is what you are looking for but if you love the smash box primer you will like it.