Friday, April 29, 2011

come see me at Diamond Path Craft Fair april 30

Tomorrow Sat. The 30th of April me and my sister will be in Diamond Path school at 14455 Diamond Path Apple Valley Mn 55124 from 9:00 am unitl 2:00 pm. I will have lots of goodies there like...

My clippies flowered and just ribbon kind

Lots of great summery ones. These ones are especially great Cinco De Mayo and 4th of July

They are great for grown ups or

Little girls... I will have great hand made soap paired with beautiful hand made organic soap in yummy flavors like chocolate chip mint. (great end of the year teachers gifts) fancy head bands and of coarse..

the cupcake hats. My sister will also have all of her great jewelry there. So swing by and see us :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

sneak peak of craft fair goodies.

So besides helping with the blog for the lys and saving my family $241.00 between as Nate Burkis calls it "found money" by shifting my bills and prioritizing and coupons (168$ in bill shift and $73 in coupons so far) and dealing with Monkey Butts surgery business I have been busy as a bee working on things for the craft fair we entered next week.

Here is a sneak peek at the goodies I have ready so far..

this is most of the haul so far.

I have cupcake hats in all sizes a few head bands.

tons of hand knit 100% cotton wash cloths that will be paired with my gf autumns hand made organic soaps in to die for flavors like chocolate chip mint!!!

more cupcake hats.

tons of flowered clippies.

then I think I will top it off with some of the poofs I put in monkey butts room. They are too great I totally love them. Anyway I need a snack and then back to the grind stone more things to make before the craft fair. :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

girls weekend..

So my hubby took off to his family's back in the city this weekend and since Monkey butt just had surgery we are staying home , just me and the big girl.

This morning my hubby and Fire monster loaded them self up in the car and will be gone until tomorrow night. I had this done just in time for him to use (since it snowed over night) I knit the hat out of some lush alpaca yarn. It is nice and fits well but is long enough. So he has a nice warm hat :) Me and Monkey Butt are eating up some girl time. Micheal J. Fox says having a toddler is like being on suicide watch 24/7. It is soo true.."get off there...don't put that in there...don't eat that". Anyway it is nice to have a quick break from that. So to start out big girl time we painted nails. my french tips and her pink zebra print. Then I finally put the button on my blue leaf head band I finished 2 weeks ago.
Monkey butt fell asleep on the couch for a little nap.
Then my sis showed up to crash for the night. ( She is in the guard and sleeps here some times) and she came baring gifts...
she hand stamped this for me :)
and made me this..
and this. She also brought along some new charms for the lys. I am being summoned to play a board game with Monkey butt. But I have a new project though helping out with the blog for my lys The Purple Iris so if you have time go check it out. :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

lovely things

So since monkey butt has gotten out of surgery I have been the meat in a little girl sandwich. I have been crammed in between them snuggling. Imagine this with me squished in the middle..

It has been lovely and I have enjoyed every minute but I finally pried my self out with a crowbar and shooed they upstairs so that I can get some me time and even though they have come down every ten minutes to ask if is snack time I am going to relax and get a bit of wind down mom time.

I am enjoying some things I love. Some cocoa in the mug monkey butt bought me for a present. It is my fav. I love it and go for it before any other one , in fact I usually just wash it so I don't' have to use another mug :)

You will notice inside it is a tea spoon. My grandma Evea used to have tea spoons and I have always wanted a collection. I am starting one from thrift shops ;) There is just something more decadent about stirring with a real tea spoon then sticking a baby spoon or some silly thing in there like I usually do. lol

another thing is my book I am going to take some time for it shortly. (and yes it is from my old library and I brought it with me because I wasn't done reading it and when I do I will bring it back... Don't judge me!)

but right now is Nate Burkis time. I am catching up with my buddy Nate and D.V.F. is on there and I spotted this and love love love it..

Try to get the picture from the cruddy pics I took of my TV. That dresser over these has a GREAT wreath above it and the tray with chautchkies and lovely huge bouquet of flowers.

I am sooo recreating this on the cheap and then I will share this lovely thing with you lovely people. well I am going to enjoy myself for the little bit of time I have left it is a very chilly rainy day and perfect for curling up on the couch and that is just what I am doing :)

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the long surgery day is over and king crab season is here

Well it has come and went. After weeks of fighting with her dad (my ex) about if you can out grow strep or not and if doctors are in some big conspiracy to take tonsils purely to make money. and a few weeks of him threatening and being nasty and screaming and generally making my life hard (which I am guessing aren't over). My baby girl has had her tonsils out. It was a 10 minute procedure but between getting her prepped put under and waking her up and what not we were there from 8 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. But although things went well, she was in soo much pain and so miserable at first. We couldn't get her to drink (which is a must) but she came around, got some stuff in her belly and then they got to give her pain meds and she crashed. (the pic bellow) She fell asleep while holding my hand and rubbing it with her thumb :(

I just had to remind my self just how miserable she had been when she had strep with the belly aches and sore throats and the weekend we spent in the hospital in October and on and on. So we let her get in a quick nap then packed her up in the car to head home. On the short drive home she threw up (it was expected and we had it covered though so its not biggy) and came home to sleep off and on on the couch all afternoon.

Someone was super concerned about her.

They were too cute curled up. But fire monster spent the morning and lots of time with her awesome auntie. They made jello for Monkey butt and played out side until they got sun burnt.

Monkey butt kept sleeping off and on and every time she wakes up she screams "Mama mama!!" ans starts gasping and crying. I haven't left her side all day. She will be sleeping by me in my bed so I can keep pain meds in her and keep her comfortable. (some thing she hasn't done in years) but I have to have her close when she is hurt like this. Gotta keep a eye on my baby.

After Bernie and fire monster went up to bed me and the hubby curled up to watch deadliest catch and see the king crab season start off. I made home made baked Carmel corn with almonds in it.(so good ) It was nice to see the Harris boys out doing their thing and to see all the guys out there looking for the crab :) but I am exhausted after a high stress day and high stress few weeks, so I am going to read until I go cross eyed and crash out. :) Good night people.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fabric heat transfer wall art,

The girls fell asleep pretty early last night and since it stormed like crazy here, me and my hubby decided to turn off the TV turn out the lights and watch the storm curled up in peace and quiet on the couch. It was soo nice. We don't get to do that nearly enough. We hung out stayed up late ate junk and when we finally climbed into bed I couldn't fall asleep so I decided to hang out in my girl cave and mess around.

I made some more fabric wall decals with iron on fabric fuse stuff. They turned out cute :)

Then I dug into my drawer which I keep all my gift wrapping stuff (me and my family always reuse gift bags. Doesn't everyone?) So I dug out some left over tissue paper and made a few miniature poofs for my room.

They hang over my knitting chair.

but I was up way to late and left exhausted and blah today. Not to mention a long morning spent digging through coupons. but things like this..

didn't help. This would be how we found fire monster this evening...dipping her hair in the toilet!!! She is something else. Clearly it was straight to the shower. I have got another long day tomorrow lots of tidying to do and my sister in law will be coming because Monkey Butt has tonsil surgery on Tuesday! So I am going to curl up with the hubby watch River Monsters and have a piece of cake (I baked one for the heck of it this weekend which never happens but I am glad I did :)

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

dollar store diva does it again ( more dollar store projects giant paper poofs and wall art)

So I have been seeing these awesome giant paper poofs every where, hanging over tables hanging over kids beds and had to have some for my kiddos room. So I googled a tutorial was way easier then I thought. Here is the link I followed

here they are right after I finished. All you need is some floral wire one pack of wrapping tissue paper wash and some fishing line. I had most of that stuff so this cost me 3$ total.

aren't they cute in my monkey butts crazy room

I love it but I also am still working slowly on decorating and making the new house more homey inside. One place that is still super bare is the guest room. So I picked up a few wooden pictures of the virgin Mary (sorry Mary) and using some scrap booking paper then I just googled shapes I wanted for the design (shapes birds flying, shapes butterflys) printed those off and then cut them and traced them onto the scrapbook paper I glued some scrap book paper over (again sorry Mary) the virgin Mary and then got all the bubbles out with a credit card and glued the other shapes and words on top.

(we still don't have a bed frame for the guest bed we didn't used to have a guest bed before the move)

I hung them with 3m stickies





then for these I did fabric and heat activated fabric fuse transfers. I printed the design bigger and then I used a iron to iron them onto the wall. Here is the tutorial I used.

it was pretty easy and I just used scraps. I love it and will definitely do this again the fabric fuse stuff was about 2.50 a yard or 6$ something for a huge roll. (if you wanted to do a huge design) :) Love it! well I am off to cook dinner for all the ingrates I live with :) Hope your all having a great weekend :)

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Friday, April 8, 2011

more dollar store projects (glam flip flops and big flower headband)

Here are a few great dollar store projects that will be cute with the new warm weather. Monkey butt earned a dollar the other day and wanted to go the the dollar store to spend it she picked some flip flops with a zebra bottom :) We took it one step further and glamed them out all you need is some ribbon (can be found for a dollar or less at craft stores if your dollar store doesn't have any) and a set of flowers from the dollar store.

Here is the end product as you see there was just a plain Green plastic and we covered it with ribbon and I put a button in the middle gems would be cuter but this is what I happened to have So when working with ribbon always burn the ends with a lighter so that it doesn't unravel. After that is done you can either wrap it around the flip flop or like we did just run it straight down at the toe I just turned it and kept going. Then I pulled the flower off the stem and snipped the little nub off the back and hot glued it down with a big blob of glue and glued the button in the middle :) ta da fancy little girl flip flops perfect with a sundress. Next project the big flowery headbands that are so popular right now. Get a old head band you aren't crazy about and burn the edge of the ribbon wrap and glue all the way then pick two flowers one big and one smaller and also cut the leaves apart (they are stuck together was one usually) then glue the flowers where you want them and glue the leaves to the inside of the headband to cover the back and make extra decoration..

isn't that cute.

Monkey Butt and fire monster love these.
I have even been known to steal theirs every now and again. ;)

so there you have it two great spring/summer dollar store projects that should cost you $4 or less between the two! Hope you enjoy.

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