Sunday, March 16, 2008


So yeah I am pretty sure no one is even going to read this because I don't really have much to say but I lets just say it is a court ordered anger management courses suggestion for venting. Just kidding no court :) anyway. I am a busy mother of two monsters 4 years and 4 months. I got married over a year ago to my husband/best friends brother who I always thought was a hottie. is great, great husband great dad, great friend, bad rememberer. He isn't actually my four year olds birth father but you would never ever guess it. He is the best guy ever. Although I have threatened to kill him in horrible ways if he ever spills a full coffee cup on my light blue angora hat i had just blocked ever again.

I am surprised i have had this long to blog. by naught little 4 month old is asleep on the kitchen table in her car seat. Yeah yeah yeah i know I am a totally irresponsible neglectful horrible mother who should have her children snatched away immediately but hey I can see her from here and I got to shower and shave my legs for the first time since god knows when so I guess I just don't care if that is where she will sleep I will take it. My husband will be ex static to be able to see the skin of my legs again. I was just teasing one of my girlfriends that I should have saved the fleece i just shaved. I could have gave it to this mean catty oatmeal knitter that we know and she could make something out of it. :) just joking lol. She is mean and way crazy in a way only people who have been in a mental ward would understand. (I just visited a friend I swear).

So yeah I have never done this before but hey lets give it a whirl. If you hate me oh well I guess I will try to win you over with my catty witty banter but I make no promises. By the way I told my husband I started a knitting blog and he told me he wants a divorce lol I am just too big of a geek to stay married to. (he was kidding of coarse). This from a man who forgot a full load of groceries in the cart at target. (yes literally the whole load). Anyway I am going to watch scrubs and wait for the hate mail to start flowing in i guess. good night all my crazy knitters and for the love of god get a life (not 10th cat not a book about knitting for your cat a life lol)

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