Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Okay people I am sick. My cold has taken a turn for the worse. I started to get the body aches and a temp overnight and went in first thing this morning. I have a ear infection and sinus infection. I was pretty sure in the middle of the night when I woke up from dreams of being in horrible painful car accidents that I hurt every where that I was turning into a zombie. It got me thinking allot about zombies. I was wondering was I bitten and didn't know it or was it from a medical perspective (via I am legend) or did some one cough a single fleck of blood in my eye (28 days later) and was I dead or dying then would come back as a zombie or simply my husband and four month old would roll over and I would be a zombie all of a sudden raging and insane after their brains. Anyway I figure if I was misdiagnosed you will be able to tell which zombie is me because a ball of yarn will be trailing behind me and my knitting needles will be dangling from my dead hands.

Well I needless to say not much knitting done today maybe a few rows on my sock but I have spent as much of the day unconscious as possible. I had to run to boo boo the butt monkeys first ever parent teacher conference today and she was a complete scholar (no surprise) I am very proud but by the time I got home my whole body hurt again so drugs and bed. I just re drugged and once they kick in I am crawling back into my bed full of used tissues to sleep more. My sweet hubby I forced to stay home from work to look after the fire monster and boo boo the butt monkey so I can research antidotes for turning into a zombie and sleep all day. I sent him out for bee movie to entertain the butt monkey and I am legend and Dan in real life for me. I am sincerely hoping my body stops hurting long enough for me to bathe.

Sorry to disappoint you bloggers but I am going to crawl back from under the rock that i came and sleep this off. The cat is out of luck lets hope my hubby feeds him so he doesn't eat the children. (speaking of which don't worry house fire was averted he got fast food for dinner)

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