Friday, March 21, 2008

Crazy drunkin circus has come to town

Okay people. SO the in laws have landed. I am exhausted It has been quiet the day already. My husband took off right away this morning to plow I have seen him a total of 5 minutes all day. He is at his real job now. I am digging frantically through the cupboards for a toaster. First we drive half hour to bank then we drop my 13 year old sister in law off at a friends for the night. Well we run to one store eat lunch which is when things start to go down hill with boo boo the butt monkey she got a time out. well we make one last stop and it is target for milk and formula and in the check out line butt monkey informs me she would like to separate. .. you know like when a mom and dad don't live together (i now see this is from enchanted) but I said okay just where do you think you will live? With Ben. I informed her that he does live with me so she gets it in her head that she is going to move to my girl Friend Angela's for 6 weeks.

Well she goes home packs numerous target bags and tells Angela she is waiting in the garage even though Angela has told her numerous times she isn't coming to get her. This goes on for a good two hours. I throw her in the tub. My lovely sister in law (Bernie the other one ) shows up and trys to convince Shelby to hang out with her. No dice I will see you another time is all she gets. Well She wonders the house buck naked eating pizza for a long while eating pizza (don't even ask) But when she is done a fight in sues that leaves her angry in her bed still buck naked because I won't pick out clothes. Some how she is unpacked the tantrum is cleaned up all is well again.

I also spent a good portion of my afternoon on a treasure hunt for full length pants because while I was sick Ben was doing laundry. So I can find no full length pants. So I guess I am back to searching for my toasters. Thank god Bernie is the one normal in law I have in a sea of crazy even if she is sorta like a life raft with a hole. Well I am cooking dinner...its the cat.

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