Wednesday, March 26, 2008

hurry fire monster is down for a nap...

Okay So I am sneaking in my blog today while the little fire monster is down for a nap and you would all be so proud of me. We should play a game sorta like the wiggles. Wheres Jeff song. lol where is fire monster sleeping today... That is a thought and I could give a prize for the winner lol. But we won't start that today because no one would ever guess. she is in her....bed who would have thunk it huh. I am entertaining the idea that she might be teething. She has been a bear at night. I am hoping she is down for a good long nap because she just ate like a pig two tiny helpings of cereal with bananas and a four ounce bottle!!!
Anyway the ugly kosovo army socks are done and so is community service for the month wooo hoo. Now I have been ordered to finish my embossed leaves before I can move on to my yummy spring Jaywalkers by boo boo the butt monkey. I am going to put a slide show of her on too but I am making you guys wait for her. One a day.
I put together a picture of what my Easter basket should look know in case my hubby should happen upon this page and then he will know what I really want. Not expensive jewlery/pinapples that resembles a pineapple slightly (my knit ladies know what I mean) and not a set of kitchen knifes. I am sure some one at a yarn shop some where can point him to the sock yarn you can't go wrong for me lol. I have a sink of dish's waiting on me, god knows how many baskets of laundry to put away and according to my chore chart it is vacuum day but do any of you ladies think I am actually going to do any of that during nap time??? No not a chance I am going to hide and knit feverishly on my embossed leaves so I can work on my new yummy yarn. I figure I unloaded the dish washer, made the bed, grocery shopped, cooked lunch and got the fire monster down for a nap hmmmm.... sounds like break time to me.
I better get to it besides I just remembered the cat has been shut in the bathroom for a few hours since my husband did it to carry in groceries. oooopppps. Good thing he is a good sport.

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