Thursday, March 27, 2008

Good lord people I should have known...

Well You know how yesterday I was like oh things are great why do I ever freak out nothing has happened in for ever life is under control...well my jaw popped out of the socket yesterday!!! I was on the phone with my aunt and pop my jaw was out of the socket and I couldn't get it back in. I had to call the nurse hot line they told me to call my husband get him home and get some one to watch my girls. Well I did what I always do when I am hurt and need to call for help freak out and cry for like 30 seconds then called ben he set stuff up to come home then I called my sweet sweet guardian angel Valarie who drove a half hour at 9 at night with no notice to watch my monsters.

So I went in and brought my knitting of coarse thinking urgent care this could be days should I bring another pair of socks to start. Well that was the shortest trip to the er ever!!! I was half way through a short row heel and I didn't even get it done! Kudos to apple valley m. c. by the way. A Dr saw me pretty much right away. Felt in my jaw apparently it had pop ed back in and My t.m.j. is going to be sore for a few weeks. (and sore it is that is for dang sure). I got some pain meds Rx and I came home popped them had a great dinner of malt o meal and went to bed.

I did work today and attempted some soft solid foods but my jaw has popped out of joint a few times again tonight. Maybe this liquid diet thing is just someones way of telling me to quit eating so damn much all the time. That it is time to shed those post baby pounds. I am going to pop my night guard in take a bunch of Advil and go to sleep. I had the harsh realization of how old I am getting slap me up side the head today that is for sure. I have to have subtitles on to watch movies or I can't hear what the people on movies are saying for the life of me, can't drive for squat at night, not to mention a half hour road trip and my narcolepsy kicks in, I have to take Metamucil ( i refuse to do my grandmas kind I do capsules) and jaw falls off. what the heck people. What is next cataracts? hip replacement? I am tired and need to get some sleep so I can function tomorrow. I have got to go put in my mouth guard and put my hair up in rollers and check on the cat. I spilt the poor cats food and decided to just leave it there instead of measuring his food like I always do. Lets hope he made out well on the deal and got more then the recommended half a cup.

Well thank you again Valarie You had me at hello, you are the wind beneath my wings, you complete me, here's looking at you kid. If I could give you a boquet it would look like this.

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