Sunday, March 23, 2008

The circus tent is down and the elephant poo is cleaned up

Well People it was a long weekend. I am exhausted. I didn't have a whole lot of funny left in me at the end of the day. Those people can suck it out of me like a ardvark in a anthole. Speaking of which they have become aggressive... they have started to bite(the ants not the in laws). I have had three bites in the last week and I have seen one of the little buggers in my bed. I am under attack. I don't know what to do. I am exhausted. My mother in law took off the first day she was here for the entire evening. She invited a drug buddy over (with out asking to invite someone to my home) then when he got here told my daughter she was going to smoke a cigarette and took off in the car with this guy we realised a hour and a half later when my sister inlaw went home and she still wasent back. Then a hour and a half after that once i got the girls to sleep and cried to a friend I decided I would lock the door pull on pjs and knit it out. she has the keys to her guest sweet room on 3rd floor and to get into the building she is a big girl.

Then she called my husband on his way home and told him she was gone one hour and I locked the doors!!! I was angry. but in the morning (my birthday) I got up showered and told my husband me and the girls were leaving to do something fun for my birthday he could come or wait for his mom to arouse from her druggie drunken haze and he went but then we had to bring him back he told my sister in law and me he would talk to his mom and surprise surprise he did not the entire weekend. The little time me and my husband did leave the house for we mainly drove with him repeating over and over what should we do and he wouldn't even let me knit in the car. It was lame yet again this year. The same husband I loved and adored and gushed about the other day I am sorely disappointed in today yet another birthday with out so much as a card much a less a plan of action such as a restaurant chose or anything. i am low maintenance but come on.

I am tired cranky and still trying to knit the bitterness out myself. I am going to either have to wait til late tonight or get up early in the morning to go clean the stinky old smoky haggardness out of the guest sweet up stairs. My husband owes me huge so he is going to take boo boo the butt monkey and my girlfriends two boys swimming while we knit at knit group tomorrow. I am going to also suggest a knit night once a month to my ladies where I rent the room upstairs for the evening and we can bring snacks and cozy up on the couches and thing in the community room and maybe have and glass of wine and some snack's and get away. who knows. I am soooo tired and have been ranting tooo long. They are gone and my days can only get better. I will get a good dose of real loving grandmas for my girls at knit group tomorrow who actually know my girls and love them unconditionally So I look forward to seeing them and telling them how much I love and appreciate them. :) Speaking of which a very happy birthday to one of the best val.. we all love you and I hope you got a great well deserved b-day. Well off the knit some of my community service. Let me tell you if things keep up me and the cat are moving out. here is the cheery part of my post to make up for the bitter bitchiness.

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