Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the ants go marching...

Oh my god people I am not going to mess around today it is straight to business. It is the time of year I hate. The ants have yet again invaded our apartment and are taking over. I am no doubt going to be carried away in my sleep by the little buggers any day now. I am really unhappy about the little things crawling through every room and every crevasse this year because of the four month old rash covered little fire monster in the living room that will be crawling soon and no doubt will be surviving off a regular diet of all the little ants she will shove into her mouth every time I turn my head. I am seriously considering tossing a tent over this joint at night and just bug bombing the crap out of the place and just calling all the circus freaks I call neighbors that will be lost in the ordeal plus in the whole mess. :)

So yeah well at least things are looking up the most exciting thing just happened you guys aren't gonna believe this one. I just ran to target with the girls to buy the machine that is Disney's latest must have and when I checked out i was informed I could win a gift card for 5000 dollars!!!! I could hardly contain myself I am just gonna check the mail every day this week I am sure it is on its way!!!! Speaking of mail my knit picks needles I am trying should be here any day. I am tooo excited and a few random skeins of sock yarn to give the old college try to also.

My poor hubby is out plowing before his realy job for the two thousandth time this season. I will get to enjoy the extra money for my birthday though. I am going to call and shamelessly beg my boss for Friday off for my birthday because as I told the lovely other women who works at the shop I will need to spend the morning hiding the toasters before the inlaws/drunkin circus my husband calls family comes to stay for the weekend so I am not tempted to draw a warm relaxing bath and invited one of the lovely shinny appliances in it with me. It is my belief that the crazy hypochondriac oatmeal knitter (who hear on out will be called the earth mother) he hired who has worked like 3 days in the last month and doesn't do a damn thing but complain when she is there that is when she shows up late if she even bothers to work should have to work. But we will see. (not that i have anything against oatmeal knitters I shop the the co-op tooo people and i think i once owned a pair of Birkenstock) Just this crazy self proclaimed "earth mother" Who shops at walmart and sams club. and I would be shocked if she even has a recycle bin.

I live with the recycling notzie we recycle at least as much as we throw away and have florescent light bulbs (which he is forever behind me turning off ) and as I mentioned we shop at the co-op and use cloth napkins and earth safe cleaning products. My husband is full on hippie. So please just because I do not choose to look like I own no hairbrush and do not smell like b.o. does not mean I am not a earth mother. I have many many lovely women in my knit group who I consider not only earth mothers but angels sent straight from god himself they are loving caring giving Wemon do not feel the need to be condescending and put people down at work all day because they are insecure of their failures.

Okay guys I had to come in and add to todays blog. I had to say how proud I am. My ex (shelbys dad) is having some issues with his parents (theirs not his) and I told him if he really needed it I would pick him up. I called my husband and just asked would he mind if my ex really wound up needing it if he could just crash over with my little girl in her room and he said no he wouldn't mind at all that it is shelbys dad and he is always welcome in our home and that he will do what ever he can to help. I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of my husband to be that reassured and confident in our marriage and that caring that he would open our home up with out a thought like that. He is such a great guy.

Yes the same man who once stuck a corn dog (well more then once) in our toaster is the most amazing man I have even met and I think I love him more every day. I think I love him more for the fact I can tease him and laugh at him when he does things like cook the pizza on my wooden cutting board thinking it is a pizza stone (by the way it is gross I don't recommend it cutting board anyway pizza stone is good and it broke my cutting board in half lol) I just love him sooo much. I was putting dish's in the dish washer and washing some by hand and thinking you know a few years ago I would have dreamed of this life. A warm cozy place to live with my knitting and a few babies and a husband who takes out the garbage and does his share with out being asked and being loved for the crazy ranting lunatic that I am. I have a good life. I do.

You know when I blog I feel a little bit like a unsexy crazy knitting version of sara jessica parker from sex in the city with no fashion sense and covered in either yarn fiber or cat fur I am not sure which. Well I am off to work on my embossed leaves socks that I am knitting on smooshy sock yarn. I will send a pic of the progress. The fire monster (Evea 4 month old)is asleep in her boppi on the couch (uh huh yeah I know incompetent) and boo boo the butt monkey (shelby 4) is passed out mid playing with littlest pet shop in her bed. so I am going to sneak to my knitting and august rush. I really should work on the shrug I want to wear out for my bday this weekend. I have half a sleeve left to finish and I don't know what I am going to do the gage didn't fit my boobaliciousness. (cute shrug misti alpaca chunky in brown and some pink rowan kidshaze mohair.)

Well I am off people. Go feed your 10 cats I will see you back tomorrow same place same time


  1. No shiny appliances for you, today! I'm telling the ants to invade them.

  2. I have a good suggestion for ant poison if you can keep it out of Shelby's reach.

  3. Ben deserves a big kiss! He rocks!

  4. I'm never going to look at corndogs the same way again.
    Thanks for the laughs. I hear so much about you from your mom, it's nice to be getting to know.