Sunday, March 30, 2008


That explains things the best I can today. Eeeeh. I spent the morning yesterday at work helping out. Then took advantage of the gift card Ben gave me not for a massage but a very needed pedicure. It is sooo smartly named, Pedi-cure. I think they can cure almost anything. If you are feeling bad and need a pick me up a pedi- cure can do the trick. I am a firm believer in them. It was not the best I had ever had. I think the person you get can make a huge difference. I like someone who is going to talk to me and not make me sit there awkward. I wonder if it is rude to start requesting a certain type of personality for a pedicurist??? what do you think? I do not think so not at all. I want someone who will put me at ease. That is what it is all about after all right. but back to the point after that i went back to work did some more work then I was invited to hang out with my girlfriend Angela and her family but I decided the way my head was feeling it was best if I just go home and crash. So I went home finished my toe on my sock and did just that.

So yes you heard me right I finished my socks. The lagoon smooshy sockyarn embossed leaves socks spent the night in a vinegar bath and were still a little bleedy so I went out bought more vinegar nooked them and then washed them again towel wrung and a bit in spin cycle and are hanging to dry in boo boos bathroom waiting for tomorrow as we speak!!! I am very excited but even more exciting is that I have started my on your toes spring Jaywalker socks. I am liking the yarn okay so far. Pattern is cute but the yarn does split quiet a bit so I need to be careful esp. with my little sharper knit picks needles which I love by the way big thumbs up there. I truly do not have much to rant or rave about today. My head is still excruciating and other then that I have not got much else going on. I am knitting and not touching the twenty billion loads of laundry that are laying around my house. I will just pretend they aren't there.

Boo boo the butt monkey just returned from a visit at her dads and is hanging out having down time in her room and fire monster is asleep.... oooh here is the first chance for our game...wheres she asleep in the car....wheres she asleep on the bar.....where ev....???? who is going to win the were is ev sleeping today game?? Prize will be given to first correct guesser tomorrow at knit group (if it is someone in my knit group i guess i assume no one else reads this lol) Well people I am going to go relax and knit I have what has the potential to be a good week coming up ...payday, knit group, and I have knit night also coming up. So even though i work my 3 day week this week I will have a extra dose of love from my knit ladies to get me through. :) well off to work on my jaywalkers. and leave my blinders on

ps I am a horrible cat owner naughty spent all day locked in a closet yesterday and was released only to find we had forgot to buy him more food! we did rush out and get the poor guy food and give him a extra helping. he also tried to climb in fire monsters bed last night and sleep at her feet. ever since she was scratching him by the ear one day last week he has really taken shine to her. Here is a picture of the bed bug himself sleeping inside my bed spread

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